Mega Podcast Tonight: Fans Critique Halo 4 – LIVE

I’ve been invited to come speak as a guest at HaloFanForLife’s Spirit of Fire Podcast Simul-cast with a panel of fellow podcasters PGCR, Drunken Halo and their guests. The total participants for the night will be around seven or eight people discussing our observations on the state of Halo and why it’s fallen from grace, including possible solutions to bring it back to it’s former glory.

As HaloFanForLife warns: “Likely there is going to be some strong criticism as well as strong language folks, so be FOREWARNED.”

If nothing else, this should be an interesting venture into the minds and hearts of some of the most passionate fans on the interwebs. And for this site owner, it will be an introduction to many of these other fans whom until tonight I will not have yet met.

May we stay intelligent and focused, and be advocates to the true Halo fan in all.


When: Podcast starts 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern
Where: You can watch the Podcast live on Twitch
Who: HaloFanForLife, PGCR (PostGame Carnage Report), Drunken Halo
What: learn more at HaloFanForLife’s Official post:

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