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#ThrowbackThursday – Chronological order of Halo novels

Crop of Karen Traviss' "Glasslands" novel cover art by Eddie Smith

Crop of Karen Traviss’ “Glasslands” novel cover art by Eddie Smith

A couple years back I decided since I was a reader, and a Halo fan, why hadn’t I read any of the books? And so my journey began. I’m enjoying them, and think you will to. Follow the link for this Halo Diehards #ThrowbackThursday and see where you should start! There’s even a list that includes the games in the timeline.


What is the chronological order of the Halo novels? >>



Fan-Made Halo PC Game: Project Contingency

More than twenty game developers, many of them veterans in the industry, are working on a Halo game for personal computers. The code-named “Project Contingency” is a free to play Halo game, created using Crytek’s CryEngine 3. Because the game is not affiliated with 343, the game devs aren’t accepting donations, but they would like any developers who are interested…

Cortana Will Return to Us? Seems Elementary.

There have been many theories as to how Cortana might return to us, if not in Halo 5 in future unfoldings of the story line. Halo5Follower lays out a very simple, almost painfully obvious option in this easy to follow video, as well as discussing the Mantle and the Librarian’s gift to Master Chief at the end of Halo 4.

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