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Halo: Master Chief Collection Forge Completely Nerfed for H3

CrazedOne1988 betrays AddiCt3d 2CHa0s, Halo 3 Sandbox CTF

CrazedOne1988 betrays AddiCt3d 2CHa0s, Halo 3 Sandbox CTF

In the hype leading up to the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we were told that the Halo games were to be included in their original forms. I mistakenly took this to mean this included Forge. I was looking forward to playing Halo 3 more than anything else in the Master Chief Collection. The thought of playing Halo 3 on dedicated servers in 1080p at 60 frames per second… I couldn’t wait.


Cut to post release of MCC. I’m absolutely blown away with how fantastic the Halo 3 maps look on the Xbox One. Citadel, Construct – – mind blowing. Matchmaking, however, continues to be broken, and more than ever we need to be able to access customs.


But guess what? Halo: Master Chief Collection has absolutely no custom game support in Forge for Halo 3. It was not included in the game in it’s original form. In fact, you can only Forge maps that will play basic slayer gametypes. So as of the publishing of this post, there is no Halo 3 Grifball. There is no Halo 3 Rocket Race, and there is no Halo 3 King of the Hill or Flag on custom maps on the Xbox One in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


Does this get yer panties in a bunch as bad as it does mine? Well, even if it doesn’t, I implore you to head on over to the Official thread over at Halo Waypoint and help us let it be known that our Forgers and custom games creators need these tools to continue to produce creative content for us to explore and have fun adventures on. Don’t you want to see what they come up with in Halo 3 in 1080p and 60fps? I do!


Here’s that link, and thanks for your support:


Unable to Forge by Gametype in H3 – Customs Broken

Halo 2: Anniversary Trailer Means One Thing

So, the new Halo 2: Anniversary Cinematic Trailer came out today, and I just watched it. A lot of things went through my mind and emotions as the trailer played.

First, I began to reminisce of my journeys through the campaigns, the awe I had at the Halo story and the artistry and the all-immersive experience of it. I remembered thinking, “Why do the cutscenes look soooo bad, when there are CGA movies out that are so badass?”.

As I watched Chief strangling the Prophet in the trailer (hey, you know that’s what you really wanted, too), I realized one thing: I really, REALLY want to own and play the Master Chief Collection!!

I miss the things that made me love the game and franchise, and I could imagine reliving them… better. But will they really be better? And is it worth a whopping $400-$500 (the purchase of the Xbone) to find out?

These are questions I must work out in my own time, especially as I realize that the same drive that makes me want MCC, that collection of games that I truly loved, only makes sense if that $400-$500 goes towards playing the continuation of the series which I most certainly have not.

All that aside, one thing and one thing alone is crystal clear after I watch the trailer. It is a thought I’ve had before, and it comes to mind fresh and screaming as a newborn babe….


Missed the trailer? Check it out now.

What? “Halo 5” Will be RPG, Open World?

[Note to reader: please read comments below before continuing with this story. Further investigation shows that Frankie’s ‘confirmation’ was most probably sarcasm.] Yes, you read correctly: it’s looking like the next Halo installment will not feature linear, first-person shooter gameplay, but that the series, which has supported “World of Warcraft”-type gameplay in Halo Wars and oldschool “Starcraft”-type gameplay in Spartan…

Halo 4 Theater Mod + Talent = “Beautiful Campaign”

The Halo 4 Campaign theater mod is back, and this time with a 10+ minute video that kept my interest every second – and that’s saying something. Beautiful, striking, emotional, this professional-grade campaign feature video uses excellent music choices to evoke the feeling of surreal, epic adventure Halo 4 was meant to be. Unfortunately, the videographer had to do it…

Missed the Mega Podcast? Hear it Now

Sal at invited me to come speak at the mega-podcast he was guest hosting with Robowski of Post Game Carnage Report on October 22nd. I guess I forgot to post it up! So, without further ado… [hope you’ve got 4.5 hours to spare ;)] ~CHa0s The Spirit of Fire podcast MULTI-Cast part 1 The Spirit of Fire podcast MULTI-Cast…

Let’s Start a Riot [Ricochet Feedback]

So Domion used to be my favorite Halo 4 gametype. It was well populated, and perfect for when you only had six friends on, instead of playing the lottery and picking up two quitters/betrayers/morons. Enter Lockdown and a few weeks later Dominion is taken out of the playlists due to lack of population. Then we are given a sweet ray…

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