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Join Xbox Live Party Chat on Android

You can now start and join an Xbox Live party chat through your phone or tablet using the Xbox Google Android app. Crazy? Crazy awesome! Xbox Live party chat, a staple for Xbox gaming communities, has been available on the Windows 10 app for quite some time, and they’ve just took the Google Android version to the next level, adding…

343 Continues work on MCC, Transparency

343 is working on being more transparent with their communication on what’s going on with their game titles regarding changes. They also have separate teams dedicated to continued work on Halo MCC, which they assure us in no way gets in the way of any developments in Halo 5 and any work being done on future Halo games. MCC looks…

Halo 5 Updates: 4K, Classic Game Options, and LAN

  Halo 5 is getting some new updates, including upgrading to 4K resolution in preparation for the release of the Xbox One X, and the long awaited LAN functionality, which will be run through a local server via Windows 10. 343 is also bringing the Oddball gametype back, as well as “new custom game options for assault and capture the…

“A Halo 5 Funtage” by CHa0s

Hey guys, so as many of you know, I’ve been compiling clips from friends to make a Halo 5 FUNtage, a montage showcasing what fun can be had in a game, the purpose of which is to elicit a feeling of amusement, and remind people what a blast it is to participate in first-person shooters. Still need more clips for that one, so I dove into the clips I have from my perspective to create this funtage. Best listened to LOUD! Hope you enjoy :)

“A Halo 5 Funtage” with AddiCt3d 2CHa0s

Ridgeline [Remake] – HD Halo 5 Forge

Hey guys, I’ve created another remake map in Halo 5 Forge, one of my favorites back from Halo:Reach Anniversary: Ridgeline. It’s been finished for awhile now, and I’m finally posting it up. Check it out and if you likey there’s a link below the video to take you straight to Waypoint for the bookmark.


Ridgeline video footage with Creative Customs

Ridgeline screenshots







Bookmark Ridgeline by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s (the 0 is a zero) here >>


Visit Ridgeline at and give it some love >>



Ridgeline is my fifth Halo 5 map. See the others here:

Monolith (Halo 4 Remake) >>

Mists of Time (Destiny’s Shores of Time remade in H5) >>

Empathy (Halo 4 Solace Remake) >>

Inspire (Inspired by H4 Campaign) >>

Big Team Battle Included in Halo 5 After All!

I’m sitting here downloading my Halo 5 update for Big Team Battle, Battle of Shadow and Light, and since I can’t play while it’s updating (I had the pesky “When Xbox is off, turn off storage” checked :/) I thought I’d hit Google and check out some of the deets. The Battle of Shadow and Light update includes new armor,…

Generate Your Halo 5 Gamercard

Armor Watcher is a website where you can enter your gamertag and it will generate a custom gamercard or signature for you with your current spartan decked out in your chosen armor and colors, emblem, and a handful of stats. Here is my gamercard, with the color cyan chosen: CHa0s’ Halo 5 Generated Signature You can also build a custom…

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