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#ThrowbackThursday – HD Spotlights Mace Windex

Mace Windex 3D Image, Halo 4

Mace Windex 3D Image, Halo: REACH

Halo Diehards has conducted a few interviews, shining spotlights on Halo fans who have contributed to the community. Our first Spotlight was Mace Windex, known for his 3D images. Get to know Mace in this Halo Diehards Spotlight, and check out his full-size 3D images, complete with instructions on how to view them.

Yes! I want to cross my eyes until I’m dizzy – take me there naow!! >>

HD Shorts: REACH Battle ‘Goose

Sometimes a whim pays off. In this episode of HD Shorts, watch a mongoose team do a different kind of mowdown in an Assault game in Halo: REACH a couple nights ago.

Do you have a clip to submit for an HD Short? Contact AddiCt3d 2CHa0s (the “0” is a zero) on LIVE or at Halo Diehards Forums.

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Team players in this film:
AddiCt3d 2CHa0s (turret)
AimlessGohan (bomb carrier)
Artois33cl (mongoose driver)
Die Happy 571
Wheezin Minion

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