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Introducing HaPPY-SplunksCo



HaPPY-SplunksCo is a dynamic duo that kicks ass and takes names in the Halo 5 Warzone playlists. Their montages are filled with surprising multi-kills and amusing badassery, to soundtracks that set the mood perfectly. These guy are having so much fun, it almost makes me want to break my strict Arena diet and play some Warzone. Almost… ;p

We’ve opened up a page to share their content. Check Spalunking01 and HaPPyxShOtZ out in their Late August Highlights montage below, and get a taste of what’s to come.




That vid was awesome! Take me to more HaPPY-SplunksCO! >>


Do you produce regular, quality Halo content that you’d like to share at Halo Diehards? Contact me and submit your ideas and we’ll see what we can do!

Halo Diehards Spotlight: 343thesentient – Fan CGA Artist

I’ve pretty well immersed myself in the Halo game and story, and one of the things I like the most about the experience is there’s always something new, some detail or community or way of expressing the fondness that so many have for the games and story. One area of the Halo universe I’ve never had the opportunity to explore…

Halo Diehards Spotlight: AstoriaNate, creator and host of “The Map Show”

I first saw AstoriaNate’s “The Map Show” over at Within seconds my interest was piqued and it didn’t take long for me to be amused. What I particularly enjoyed was that I continued to be amused for the entire 6 minutes of the video, which impressed me. “But”, I thought to myself, “could he do it again?” Turns out…

Halo Diehards Spotlight: HC SLIK

I first learned of Halo Community through Kings of Pain, a fun and friendly gaming group my Halo buddy Darth Tabasco hails from. The first thing that impressed me about Halo Community was how nice the members are. They also have an active chat area, and I’ve been known to snag funny videos from it to repost in Halo Diehards…

Halo Diehards Spotlight: TsengMao x MT

TsengMao was one of the original members of Halo 3 Wheelmen, a HaloCharts staff member, a co-founder of Big Team Battle United and a Long Live BTB staff member, and is the owner of & staff at Back in Halo 3 leagues, Master Theory was known as an efficient, effective team, one that inspired some awe and respect.…

Halo Diehards Spotlight: HC PillarOfFire

Posted by CHa0s: For Halo enthusiasts addicted to racking up experience points and achievements in the game, there are several communities that offer “add-ons”. Halo Community is one such website that offers these extra challenges, in their staff-created Halo Community Missions. Halo Community Missions are creative and oft amusing challenges of various difficulties, with each Mission also having tiers of…

Halo Diehards Spotlight: Sal, HaloFanForLife (HFFL)

Posted by CHa0s: You’ve got your Halo fans, and then you’ve got your DIEHARD HALO FANS. Our next guest is of the latter. Anyone who is familiar with the Halo Diehards website knows that most of our articles here are cut-and-paste (all referred back to the original source, of course). Sal over at HaloFanForLife takes it one step further, adding…

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