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Inspire – HD Halo 5 Forge Map


I’ve definitely caught the Halo 5 Forge bug. Inspire is a Halo 5 Forge map that features a moving gondola that traverses along three bases. This map was inspired by a Halo 4 campaign level, and works best to capture that same feel using the custom gametype Moving Stronghold. Inspire is also set up for Assault, Capture the Flag and Oddball, and has Multiteam spawns.
Man-cannons on two levels allow players to access each base. The lower man-cannons shoot teams high enough that even when the ship is out of reach of the cannon, they can ground pound down onto it.
Although each aspect of the map is simple, I enjoyed creating it and the challenge of scripting the gondola. It’s a blast to play on, and I really like how the colors turned out, and the vast Promethean feel.

You can now save Halo 5 custom Forge map bookmarks directly from Halo Waypoint to your Xbox One!

Inspire Download link >> 


9 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (9)

8 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (8)

7 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (7)

6 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (6)

5 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (5)

4- Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (4)

3- Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (3)

2- Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (2)

1- Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (1)



#ThrowbackThursday – HD Spotlights Mace Windex

Mace Windex 3D Image, Halo 4

Mace Windex 3D Image, Halo: REACH

Halo Diehards has conducted a few interviews, shining spotlights on Halo fans who have contributed to the community. Our first Spotlight was Mace Windex, known for his 3D images. Get to know Mace in this Halo Diehards Spotlight, and check out his full-size 3D images, complete with instructions on how to view them.

Yes! I want to cross my eyes until I’m dizzy – take me there naow!! >>

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