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It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Sun off of Titan

We’re no strangers to Halo/Destiny “coincidences”, with Ghosts, Guardians, Arrays, Oracles and… need I continue? But in this very real-life example, we find more similarity to two of our favorite games. Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, is seen in the above “false-color” image reflecting sun off of one of it’s lakes. The sun also creates a fiery affect on Titan’s…

From the Eyes of xDrummerWorldx

xDrummerWorldx has a new batch of Halo 4 images out, and as always a few surprise the viewer that you can get that visual effect in-game. Check out some of the best below, followed by a link to his fileshare and Halo Diehards Spotlight.


(click to view full-size)









Take me to xDrummerWorldx’s File Share at Halo Waypoint >>

Take me to Halo Diehards Spotlight: xDrummerWorldx >>

PAX! 2014

  PAX is a veritable smorgasbord of gaming-related experiences, ranging from cosplay, to concerts, to consoles and pc’s, to tabletop gaming. PAX East came and went last weekend, and Halo Diehards member EdieKaye met up with some of our friends for the sensory explosion. PAX started in 2004, when some dudes (Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik) who created a webcomic…

It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Moon sets on Earth’s atmosphere

This photo was Tweeted a couple of days ago by Koichi Wakata, an astronaut on the International Space Station, and it was just too damn cool not to share! Freakin’ awesome. Follow Halo Diehards Official Twitter for Halo and other gaming news, and the occasional real space news thrown in: @HaloDiehards Check out Koichi Wakata’s Twitter: @Astro_Wakata

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