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Developing H5 Team Strongholds Video

If my recent article “Developing Halo 5 Strongholds Team Strategies” was too lengthy for your tastes, there is now a video voiceover version! Gameplay is of another Strongholds on Overgrowth four-view, but this time we’re using the strategies to secure a win.


Developing Halo 5 Strongholds Team Strategies

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rowboat 000

Halo 5 Team Strategy: Reviewing Gameplay, Strongholds

Reviewing gameplay videos is a great way to get better at any game. In this video watch BigBadMike, Wuzz Ranger, SILENT EVIL 74 and me play a game of Halo 5 Strongholds on Overgrown. Check out our team strategy, and learn what we can do to make it even better next time around.



Halo 5 Tips: How to Jump into Truth

Rowboat 000 comes through again, sharing Halo 5 tips and tricks with his friends. He taught me how to jump into the bases on the multiplayer map Truth, and I wanted to pass that onto you, so I made this little video to guide you through it.

Wuzz Ranger asked if I am using bumper jumper. Yes, I am, and this is definitely more difficult without it…

Developing Halo 5 Strongholds Team Strategies

Edit: Don’t want to read the article? Click here to listen while watching footage of us using the strategies. Does your team have the same goals when it comes to team strategy? For example, what do teammates find more important: winning, or looking good on their stats? Is winning important enough for your team to stay focused? Or do team members…

What?! No Big Team Battle in Halo 5?!!

So first we learn that Halo 5, unlike previous installments, will not have split screen capability, and now we find out it’s not dropping with Big Team Battle either?! I don’t know about you, but my excitement for Halo 5 is tinged with a teeny bit of sadness. Out with the old, in with the new? Warzone, Halo 5’s new…

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