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Best of the best of Halo machinima. We muck through the masses so you don’t have to…

Awesome Destiny Machinima Tutorial


A new game brings fresh characters and backdrops for creatives to produce machinima, but Destiny doesn’t make it easy, it’s screen packed to the gills with information. Recently I got an idea for a humorous one, and I had some ideas but wanted to see what others were doing to pull it off. Ledianol paves the way into Destiny machinima with this video of how to maximize the best screen coverage without hud, weapons and gamertags. The video also shows some pretty resourceful tips and tricks on how to capture the best shots, including an easy way to edit out the gamertags. I wanted to make sure I spread the word, so check it out!

How to Film a Destiny Machinima (Tutorial)

by Lediandol



Do you have any fun ideas for Destiny or Halo machinima but don’t have the means to pull it off? Talk to CHa0s! Maybe we can make your story into a reality.

Dues Ex Machina | Prt 1/5 (Halo 4 Machinima)

Get caught up in xDigitalVirusx’s riviting, gritty drama, “Dues Ex Machina”, adapted from Jon CJ Graham’s vision of the same name. Written and directed by Stephen Hancock and co-directed by Robert Merrit, this Halo 4 machinima series shows promise. Source: Halo Waypoint

Quick Tip on “Theater Mode”-Like Halo 4 Campaign Capture

If you haven’t figured out how to capture clean shots of Halo 4 campaign for your machinimas, montages and music videos, Wang has some great easy tips that show you how in this video.   Source:

Watch “Playtime” Series Live, June 18th

Join CruelLEGACEY and Podtacular as they stream the entire Playtime machinima series as continuous videos for each season. Ask questions during breaks in the Twitch stream and get to know more about the creator, CruelLEGACEY, and the series while chatting with other fans during the event. Show starts Tuesday, June 18th at 8pm EST at Check out the Official…

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