Halo 5 Updates: 4K, Classic Game Options, and LAN


Halo 5 is getting some new updates, including upgrading to 4K resolution in preparation for the release of the Xbox One X, and the long awaited LAN functionality, which will be run through a local server via Windows 10.

343 is also bringing the Oddball gametype back, as well as “new custom game options for assault and capture the flag”. Is it possible that Halo 5 developers have finally allowed one-flag and attack/defend assault to be an option in custom games? These classic Halo gametypes have been included in every single Halo previously, and 343 failed to include these options in Halo 5. If so, though it may be a little too little, a little too late for diehard Halo gamers, as the custom game community has fallen off and people have moved on to new games, one can hope it shows they’ve finally written the code into the base game and it will be included in the next iteration.

Also in the update will be new skins representing top Halo competitive teams. Thanks, Aimless Gohan, for passing on this news.


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