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The name “Halo Diehards ” is one AddiCt3d 2CHa0s began using after the mass migration of solid Halo 3 players jumped ship to become primarily Call of Duty players with the drop and subsequent disappointment they found in Halo:REACH. Having bought and played CoD, and finding it actually discouraged the team gameplay she’d learned to love, she wandered back to Halo:REACH in search of gamers who played regularly, using the FoF tag “AA HaloDiehards” that she’d created during Halo 3 to round up groups of her favorite people from various Halo communities.

Soon, as an amusement, videos CHa0s created and put on YouTube began to have the addition to the title, “Halo Diehards Presents”.

Harassed and disrespected by yet another gaming community forum’s moderators, who as a last straw shamed her for writing an article on how to identify Christmas Newbs in Halo:REACH, and walking away from yet another situation immersed in drama, CHa0s set out to create a douchebaggery-free website, where she knew her friends would be safe from mods on a God-complex, because she would be moderating the site herself, and being fair and kind and helpful to all she could.

Halo Diehards was born! And creative ideas and ways of serving the Halo communities as a whole filled CHa0s’s head with visions and possibilities. She set out to make a visually appealing site and build a haven for when Halo 4 hit. She created a Clan Filter, to help the masses find others who were looking for the same things in their gaming experience and offered small communities a place where they could hang their hat, in forums hosted at Halo Diehards.

Friends were invited to come check it out, where fresh news of Halo 4 was posted up daily with the motto, “We Muck Through the Masses So You Don’t Have To!” CHa0s figured if she was going to keep up on all the new Halo 4 news, the work might as well be worth it: divide it by the hundreds who have the opportunity to take advantage of the site and the effort of posting it up was well worth it. And always CHa0s held the hope that enough people would come to the site that she could find that team of people willing to work together to re-create the magic she felt working with teams in Halo 3.

Soon some of CHa0s’ friends were regulars at Halo Diehards, and the most active became Noble Team.

Then CHa0s stumbled upon Halo UNITY, where Firestream had created all the things CHa0s wished for Halo Communities and more! Halo Diehards became a Community at Halo UNITY, joining the ranks of this Mega Halo hub.

But alas, when Halo 4 dropped, so did the hearts of many, who wandered off with hopes dashed. It was not to be the rise of excitement and fun and reinvigoration of Halo communities everywhere.

Halo Diehards lives on. CHa0s regularly continues to fill the coffers with quality Halo news and entertainment. She still craves the team that trains, but she’s learned along her journey that what’s most important of all are those friends we meet on LIVE that are there when you need a place to go to just plug in and play. Those people you can laugh with and harass on forums, and you never have to clean the house first.

What is Halo Diehards? Halo Diehards is a group of friends who play Halo, among other things. They keep coming back to say hi. They post up stuff, sometimes Halo related, sometimes not. They get to know each other one post at a time.

Everyone is welcome at Halo Diehards, just remember: No Douchebaggery!

PS: Yes, I do speak of myself in the third person sometimes ;)


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