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From the Eyes of xDrummerWorldx

xDrummerWorldx has a new batch of Halo 4 images out, and as always a few surprise the viewer that you can get that visual effect in-game. Check out some of the best below, followed by a link to his fileshare and Halo Diehards Spotlight.


(click to view full-size)









Take me to xDrummerWorldx’s File Share at Halo Waypoint >>

Take me to Halo Diehards Spotlight: xDrummerWorldx >>

Halo 4 Photographer Spotlight: Azpekt297

It’s great to see the creative visuals artists come up with using Halo screenshots. Today, a screenshot artist brought himself to my attention on Twitter – well, I’d already seen some of his work, I just didn’t realize it was the same guy until I got to looking. He’s also been featured on Waypoint and by 0lah. Keep an eye…

Halo 4 Longbow’s Faces of Concept

Did you know that it would take far less money to send ships into space via a rail-cannon than it does for the thousands of gallons of fuel it takes to escape the Earth’s gravitational pull? Halo 4’s Longbow cannons are just that, built to shoot cargo into space. Ever since I’d read of this concept years ago, and that…

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