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It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Sun off of Titan

We’re no strangers to Halo/Destiny “coincidences”, with Ghosts, Guardians, Arrays, Oracles and… need I continue? But in this very real-life example, we find more similarity to two of our favorite games. Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, is seen in the above “false-color” image reflecting sun off of one of it’s lakes. The sun also creates a fiery affect on Titan’s…

It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Landing on a Comet

    In March of 2004 a robotic spacecraft named Rosetta was launched by the European Space Agency to catch up with and land on a comet. It’s set to meet part one of that goal in less than one month. Rosetta is no stranger to exploration. Equipped with a variety of scientific imaging equipment, Rosetta has followed a 12 year flight-plan,…

It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Moon sets on Earth’s atmosphere

This photo was Tweeted a couple of days ago by Koichi Wakata, an astronaut on the International Space Station, and it was just too damn cool not to share! Freakin’ awesome. Follow Halo Diehards Official Twitter for Halo and other gaming news, and the occasional real space news thrown in: @HaloDiehards Check out Koichi Wakata’s Twitter: @Astro_Wakata

“Real Life ODST” Full Free-Fall Footage

Felix Baumgartner prepares to leap into free fall Oct 14, 2012

Felix Baumgartner prepares to leap into free fall Oct 14, 2012


Back when I posted up about Felix Baumgartner’s ODST-like drop from Earth’s upper atmosphere, I didn’t know there was video footage of it! Watch Felix fall to Earth, the first to break the sound barrier in a suit, coached by the first man to break the sound barrier in an aircraft, Chuck Yeager, in this very cool find by Halo Diehard member, w0rm.

It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Laser Data & Energy Transmission

When Apollo 8 captured the first “Earth rise” from the moon in 1968, it took days for the footage to reach Earth so the crew could share it with the world. Using lasers, hundreds of such images could be sent to Earth from that distance every second. The Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration (LLCD) is a NASA project that was built…

It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Space Exploration Map

“Fifty Years of Exploration” is a poster created by Sean McNaughton and Samuel Velesco. It depicts every space mission that mankind has embarked upon up to 2008 (when the poster was created). It’s been around for awhile and the map is not to scale, but it’s new to my eyes and simply fantastic to gaze upon. Enjoy! Thanks, @Kris_Tribal, for…

It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Gaia Mission

You know that feeling you get when you watch the best space sci-fi’s? That feeling that you are a mere speck in a vast universe of possibilities, filled with color, and alien landscapes and adventure? Mankind sits on the doorway of discovering fantasy-made-real, in exploring our universe, and Gaia is the next step in that direction. Imagine having a camera…

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