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Mega Podcast Tonight: Fans Critique Halo 4 – LIVE

I’ve been invited to come speak as a guest at HaloFanForLife’s Spirit of Fire Podcast Simul-cast with a panel of fellow podcasters PGCR, Drunken Halo and their guests. The total participants for the night will be around seven or eight people discussing our observations on the state of Halo and why it’s fallen from grace, including possible solutions to bring…

Happy Valentines from Bs Angel and 343

Bs Angel shows us some Valentines they’ve cooked up over at 343 for people to share. They’re pretty funny, and she adds, “Your other half will need a basic understanding of Halo to fully appreciate them, but seriously, if they aren’t familiar with the Master Chief, are they really worth keeping? That’s what we thought.” Source: The Halo Bulletin: 2.13.13

343: Halo 4 Team Snipers for Diehards

In this week’s Bulletin, we get details for the “new and improved” Team Snipers playlist that launches this Monday. Focus will remain on the sniping, with instant respawns disabled and no grenades or secondary weapons supplied. “These settings will appeal to diehard sniping fans by offering a playlist that focuses on one thing – sniping.” Bs Angel stated in her…

Halo 4 Fixed File Share Details

Part of this week’s The Halo Bulletin included details on the fixed Halo 4 fileshare issue. As posted by Bs Angel: In-Game Halo 4 File Share Update As you may have noticed, the in-game Halo 4 File Browser is now fully functional. Hooray! This feature will allow you to search for a friend’s custom game types, the most popular custom…

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