What are The Guardians?

The breaking news for Halo 5 is out: it is called Guardians.

What are Guardians in the Halo story you ask? And why does that sound so darn familiar but I can’t picture anything? Well, a quick search resulted in a “duh” moment, and a little info I didn’t know.

The Portal, as seen in Halo 3

The Portal, as seen in Halo 3

Of course we’re all familiar with “Killed by The Guardians” since Halo: Combat Evolved, I’ve even got video from Halo 3 of them cheating and hitting me inside the barrier on Sandbox!

Halo Wikia lists several instances throughout the Halo series where The Guardians were “responsible” for our deaths, including the train on Terminal, certain boundary deaths, being crushed by the Scorpion, and teleporter glitches.

But what about the Halo story? Are there any actual Guardians in the Halo story? Well, it appears that there are only Guardian Sentinels. So far, that is.

Guardian Sentinel

Guardian Sentinel

Guardian Sentinels were Forerunner Sentinels that are seen in Origins, one of the short films in Halo Legends, escorting a Keyship to the Portal, also seen in Halo 3.

These Sentinels were originally set to appear in Halo 3, as an enemy that you destroyed then harvested it’s “eye” to use as a weapon, probably similar to the Sentinel beam. In the end, it was only included as a hologram in the Halo 3 map Epitaph, although it also is seen in The Art of Halo 3.

As far as whether or not Halo 5: Guardians is about Sentinels, or this is referring to the big MC or otherwise (does anyone else think that other Spartan in the poster below might be Cortana in the flesh?), who knows! We’ve got to wait until E3 before we’re tossed another bone.



While you’re waiting, here’s that video if you’re feeling nostalgic. The Guardians, which some suppose might actually be Sentinel Guardians in the Sandbox pillars, pull their shenanigans around the 4:52 mark.

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