Halo Diehards Public Statement of Intent


Chalk drawing by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s of Master Chief and Ring from Halo 3 box cover art

Hello, CHa0s here, owner and administrator of Halo Diehards. The past few weeks have brought a significant decline in the number of active friends in Halo 4, as well as a decline in quality Halo 4 news. I built this site as a Halo fan, because the Halo story and the passion behind and around that story inspired me. I also love to see all the ways others express themselves in creations that are Halo inspired.

I am currently working on a trailer for an online buddy of mine who Forges (one of the best Forgers I’ve seen to date, imo – – AND humble about it too), and this creative process, coupled with the thinking I did prior to this week’s podcast with HaloFanForLife and PGCR, is solidifying the feeling that I no longer really consider myself a Halo Diehard. The passion and depth I am putting into this trailer, that feeling that means “Halo” to me, I do not see in Halo 4 and have no faith will exist in Halo 5. I mean, do I play the game regularly? Yes. Do I continue to look for news regularly? Yes, but that’s mostly because I’m trying to maintain the quality of my site.

Which brings me to this: HaloDiehards.net is going to be going through a change. I’m not sure yet what that change is other than the obvious lack of a lot of Halo news – I’m just not inspired to do the work to post it up anymore, and a lot of the stuff out there doesn’t interest me in the least (ie: Mister Chief avatar). At first I thought it’s because I’ve been really sick for a couple of months, but if I’m going to be honest with myself, my interest began to wane within minutes of booting up Halo 4 that first time. It just wasn’t Halo to me. And time has shown that the passion that has attracted the masses to Halo over the years, that passion which drove makers to create an immersive, epic story¬† that fueled the imagination and inspiration of so many, no longer exists in that capacity.

I’m considering changing the name of this site and covering all Xbox top first-person shooters, since that is where my interest lies. Or perhaps I will slow down and make the change to a blog/news site as opposed to straight news as I have tried to provide since HaloDiehards.net’s creation. Regardless of what is decided, the current line of operation is no longer working for me.

What isn’t going to change, is I will continue to be open to showcasing people’s quality Halo content, and I would absolutely love it if other writers wanted to apply to be a part of Halo Diehards’ team, whether their gaming interests lie with mine or not – variety is the spice of life. But quality will remain #1. I also will continue to try and surround myself with more team-oriented, skilled fps gamers that are fun and/or easy to get along with. That being said, if you fit in this category, feel free to send me a message on LIVE or come register and say “hi” in our forums.

So if you wondered why the content at Halo Diehards has slowed down, now you know. It’s been a great challenge and learning experience to maintain this site, and I continue to meet awesome people along the way.

PS: There are some social integration changes on the horizon for the site, for those who appreciate this type of thing. Check back soon!



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