Epic Holiday RACE Coming to War Games Trailer

What do you get when you take three talented Halo fans and mash their talents into entertainment for the masses? Well, this time it’s an “Epic Holiday RACE is Coming Trailer” Get news on when RACE is coming to Halo 4 War Games in this trailer by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s, featuring insanely smooth maps by Kenjamin1 MI and awesome, Crunchy Christmas music by Mace Windex (CHa0s Remix – – I needed 10 extra seconds!! so I used the tracks to add a little chaos to the end)

Stay tuned for the upcoming trailer of Kenjamin’s featured maps, RED Wheel and GREEN Prix. (See download link below)

Special thanks to Mace Windex for whipping out “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, crunchy style, on short notice – – you rock! (no really, you’re a badass ;D)

Thank you Kenjamin for going through tons of films, filming clips, and recording instances of action – – you don’t know how much you helped! Clips in this film were done by both Kenjamin and myself, with Kenji pointing me to a ton of the instances I clipped.

Visit Kenjamin1 MI’s Fileshare and download the maps in this video.

Check out some of Mace Windex’s Halo 3-D screenshots:
Halo Waypoint – Mace Windex’s Most Recent 3-D Halo 4 Screenshots
Halo Waypoint – Halo Diehards Spotlight: Mace Windex
Halo Waypoint – Mace Windex’s 3-D REACH Screenshots

Thanks again to all the “Crash Test Dummies” from HaloDiehards.net and 2old2play.com:

AddiCt3d 2 Cha0s
Darth Tabasco
Freyn Ap Thyr
GA Wizard
Kenjamin1 MI
ll Anton ll
Old n Achy
Tired Fox xXx
Vaht Vokuree

Special thanks to my bonus testers, EdieKaye, LivereatingRatso and WCF Waggs, and my assistant film archivers, Darth Tabasco, EdieKaye and Kenjamini1 MI.

Are you an adult gamer? Don’t forget to introduce yourself at 2old2play.com, and of course you can never have too many Halo Diehards.

** !! SEE YOU ON THE TRACK !! **


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