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Monolith Remake Featured on Youtube

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting Halo news and such like I used to, but there are so many sources out there for information, that there’s kinda no reason for me to do it anymore! One person who’s picked up the mantle is Brusky0086, who features quality Halo 5 Forge maps from the community. His feature published today is of my own Monolith remake. Check it out here in a new light, in Brusky’s Monolith Halo Spark Forge Network Spotlight.


Halo Forge HSFN Spotlight, Monolith by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s

Vortex – HD Halo 5 Forge [Halo 4 Remake]

Vortex was one of my all-time favorite maps, due to the fun Big Team Battle lobbies we filled to go take on the world. Much fun was to be had playing Dominion and Heavies, but one of my favorite things to do on that map was teaming up on the Guass hog with Babe Ruthlessx0. When I first started forging in Halo 5, Vortex very quickly was on my mind of possible remakes, but when Ally (Babe Ruthlessx0) said, “I know what map you should build – – Vortex!” It was set in stone. Check out the vid, and if you’d like to play on the map, follow the link to Halo Waypoint below, which will automatically bookmark it onto your Xbox One if you are logged in.


vortex-2 vortex-3 vortex-5 vortex-7


Bookmark Vortex From Halo Waypoint Here >>


Vortex is my 6th Halo 5 Forged map. See the others here:

Ridgeline (Halo 2 Anniversary remake) >>

Monolith (Halo 4 remake) >>

Mists of Time (Destiny’s Shores of Time remade in H5) >>

Empathy (Halo 4 Solace Remake) >>

Inspire (Inspired by H4 Campaign) >>


Join us For Creative Customs Nights!

  Hello fellow gamers of the Haloverse! I would like to invite casual-competitive adults that are easy to get along with to join us with Creative Customs in map testing fun and shenanigans on Monday nights! Customs start at 5pm P/8pm E and are played on quality Forge maps created by members of the Creative Customs group and those found…

Inspire – HD Halo 5 Forge Map


I’ve definitely caught the Halo 5 Forge bug. Inspire is a Halo 5 Forge map that features a moving gondola that traverses along three bases. This map was inspired by a Halo 4 campaign level, and works best to capture that same feel using the custom gametype Moving Stronghold. Inspire is also set up for Assault, Capture the Flag and Oddball, and has Multiteam spawns.
Man-cannons on two levels allow players to access each base. The lower man-cannons shoot teams high enough that even when the ship is out of reach of the cannon, they can ground pound down onto it.
Although each aspect of the map is simple, I enjoyed creating it and the challenge of scripting the gondola. It’s a blast to play on, and I really like how the colors turned out, and the vast Promethean feel.

You can now save Halo 5 custom Forge map bookmarks directly from Halo Waypoint to your Xbox One!

Inspire Download link >> 


9 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (9)

8 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (8)

7 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (7)

6 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (6)

5 - Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (5)

4- Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (4)

3- Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (3)

2- Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (2)

1- Inspire Halo 5 Forge WEB (1)


Halo Diehards are Forging! Introducing Mists of Time

I’ve just finished my first Halo 5 Forge map, and am excited to share it with the world! Introducing Mists of Time, a remake of Destiny’s multiplayer map, Shores of Time.

Special thanks to all the gamers in the video from Creative Customs, hosted by o Nondual o, for your support and inspiration. Also want to throw a shoutout to my long-time buddies and Destiny multiplayer cohorts Rowboat 000 and BigBadMike, for helping troubleshoot issues with the layout. And to fellow Halo Diehards member Free Radical for asking me to redeux a map of his, which is what caught me the Forge bug!

Here’s the video. Watch it naow! It’s only 3 minutes…


Edit – You can now save Halo 5 custom Forge map bookmarks directly from Halo Waypoint to your Xbox One!

Mists of Time Download link >>


Mists of Time now has two more versions: A Halo version with more Halo-like weapons placements, and an Asym version set up with a moving Stronghold and 1-Flag or 1-Assault, which is also set up with the general Halo weapons placements.

Mists of Time vHalo Download link >>

Mists of Time Asym Download link >>

Interested in checking out some more quality maps? Head on over to our Halo 5 Forge playlist, which features maps from members of Creative Customs and Forgers who join on playtest nights. And stay tuned for more maps from Halo Diehards members!

Creative Customs Halo 5 Forge Showcase

Creative Customs, formerly Casually Competitive Customs, is a Halo Forge group whose members have been creating quality maps and gametypes for years. Hosted by o Nondual o, customs game nights feature maps and gametypes created by group members, and other quality maps and gametypes found around the community.


Creative Customs Halo 5 Forge Showcase is a Youtube playlist I’ve created to share videos from game nights. Check out some of the fun stuff we’re playing Monday nights, and maybe find a new map or gametype to add to your collection. We’ll try to add new videos and clips to this playlist weekly.



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