Welcome “Semi Professionals” GTA Videos to Halo Diehards

We’ve added a new Grand Theft Auto page at Halo Diehards for FuzzyOrngeDave and clan Semi Professionals. I met FuzzyOrngeDave through my buddy Mace Windex, and recently watched a couple of his videos, which I found very entertaining, seeing as the camaraderie these guys display as they’re goofing off reminds me of the best lobbies and most fun I’ve had in video games.

You can check out these characters, and new videos posted by FuzzyOrngeDave, on their very own Halo Diehards’ page, Semi Professionals GTA.

Check out their GTA V playlist below, and don’t forget to “Like” any of the vids you enjoy, it’s the only way most YouTuber’s get a thanks for their hard work and sharing their content!!



Semi Professionals “regulars” are Steve (FuzzyOrngeDave); Eli (the Book of Eli); John (Oerthshard); Kyle (warrior4thor); Neil (Neilophyte – – and FuzzyOrngeDave’s brother); Bryan (SynjaminFranklin); and Dave (ViscousBurrito6)

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