Hunting the Truth of Halo 5: Guardians

“Hunt the Truth” is a podcast series and Halo 5 teaser produced by 343 that follows the journey of a news reporter hired by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) to write an in-depth profile of John 117, Master Chief.

News reporter, Benjamin Giraud, starts out the series explaining how he’s been hired by (ONI) to write the article, and how during his research he comes across questions that make it clear something huge is hiding in a series of unexplained events, and that the details just might reveal that Master Chief is a traitor.

The Podcast opens with an introduction to the series, and gives a little background to the story. Check it out below, followed by the first four Episodes in the series, with my synopsis of each. You can visit the Official site and catch more of the podcast at the links located on the bottom of this post.


Episode 00: Primer


Episode 01: A Hairline Fracture

In this first episode, Benjamin describes how he started his article on John 117 by tracking down teachers and playmates of his from Elysium City, planet Eridanus II, which has since been glassed. He learns how the Insurrectionists locked one of his interviewees up with a bunch of other people for weeks, packed in the dark in a box with bodies dead and dying, before they were released.

Sorting through government paperwork, Benjamin notices a “D” on one of John’s documents, that claims he died when he was six years old.


Episode 02: Bad Records

In this episode Benjamin tries to hunt down the truth about the contradicting document that claims John actually died when he was six, especially after a childhood playmate claims to remember when he died.

He speaks to the former Lieutenant of the UNSC, who remembers freeing John and the rest of the prisoners out of the Insurrectionists’ labor camps when John was 13, working with him for several months in the refugee camps.


Episode 03: Critical Condition

Benjamin, following leads, learns that John 117 was considered unusual by everyone who’s lives he touched. With some saying he died at age six, and others adamantly insisting that they knew of him or even had regular contact with him, stories begin to unfold with descriptions of a teenager with super-human strength, maybe even that of an augmented child.

To complicate matters, discrepancies in the history of the entire planet Eradanus II and the city of Elysium during this time begin to come to light, with some people claiming that Insurrectionalist rebellion never advanced past the point of occasionally violent protests in this city known as “Refugee Central”.


Episode 04: Crossing the Black

In this episode, Benjamin fears a conversation he’s had with one of the witnesses in what is turning out to be an investigation has been flagged by ONI, and that his questions in the interview might get him into trouble when they implicate ONI as threatening the witness’ family if he doesn’t lie about the incidences on Erydanus II and Elysium, John 117’s home city.


Hooked yet? There are several more Episodes of Hunt the Truth. They can be found at SoundCloud and Tumbler.

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