“Spartans’ Playground” Customs w/ CHa0s, Weds May 29

“Spartans’ Playground” Customs w/ CHa0s, Weds May 29 – games will start 7pm PST/10pm EST


* * * * * * * * All Halo 4 Map Packs Necessary for this Event * * * * * * * *

“What’s this?!? CHa0s has joined a custom games group?!! But I thought you hated customs!!”

It’s true, I’ve joined a customs gaming group at HaloCustoms.com, where I had been posting up Wednesday Oldschool custom nights. And I’m so impressed with their maps and games I want to share! These guys are crazy-creative, and have put neat little twists on their maps and gametypes. Nothing uber crazy, just a little something different. So if you’re ready for a little something different in your competitive-casual gaming, come join in on the fun. Games will run for at least two hours, but you never know – – five is not unheard of ;)

Hope to see you there! And read on for more information on this gamenight as explained by o Nondual o, as per the gaming group, “Casually Competitive Customs and Testing“, guidelines.

Competitive maps and gametypes! But we don’t take the competition that seriously. We’re all about fun!Sorry No Flood or Minigames though.*

What we play is similar to matchmaking, but with different twists to make things fresh, balanced, and above all more exciting! Usually there’s lots of vehicles and hence EXPLOSIONS!

We play a mixture of maps and gametype’s my friends and I have made, as well as what people in the lobby want to play. Usually this is a combination of forged maps, and custom gametypes on the default maps.


Just send me the message “plz inv.” I’ll get you in as soon as I can, but usually we have quite a few people show up from the Casually Competitive Group, so games are pretty full. But there should be a couple of open spots as the night goes on. We usually cap the party at 12 people, but if the connections are good, we may open it up to 16.

Members of Casually Competitive Customs get priority. But it’s easy to join, just go over to the group and click “like.” (And dropping comments everywhere and liking stuff doesn’t hurt either.)

PLEASE ONLY SEND ME ONE MESSAGE ON XBL! If you have questions post below in this thread. It takes too long to check messages sent to me on Xbox Live while games are going (yes seconds matter, lol)

Having a mic, and being funny is encouraged, but not required. (If being funny was always required, I’d have to kick myself out most of the time.)

There is an age limit. Players need to act and sound like they are at least around 17 years old. Most of the guys we game with are in their 20’s to 30 and we just prefer gaming with people older than this. Sorry youngsters! (However, if you don’t have a mic, and always listen to what you’re suppose to be doing, then no one would know how old you were : )

Again, if you’d like to check out that group over at HaloCustoms.com, here’s that link: Casually Competitive Customs and Testing

Also, feel free to send a friend request to my FoF tag (makes it easier to pull people into the party, send messages)

“AA HaloDiehards”

Hope to see you there! Good people, good times.


PS: To secure your spot, RSVP at Halo Customs or in the Battle Grounds section of HD Forums.

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