“Monday Tryhards” with Halo Diehards

ImageSome think “tryhard” is a dirty word. I say you don’t have to be a douchebag to try hard at winning. If you too have put countless hours into training to be a solid team player, and you’re looking for at least one night a week where everyone in the party is working on callouts, working together on strats, and every person in the room is fun or just plain easy to get along with, come join Halo Diehards on Monday nights for “Monday Tryhards” sessions.

Apologies to all those gamer friends I love who don’t fit the specs necessary to join us on Mondays. At this time I don’t have the time and energy to run more than one night a week. Hopefully not too far in the distant future I will be able to run a second night that is open to everyone (which unfortunately usually means the badass slayers aren’t welcome, because they kick too much ass, so don’t feel TOO left out…)

Things you might find on a typical “Monday Tryhards” night:

* BR/DMR warm-ups in an arena or FFA
* Quick discussion on each person’s weapons/vehicles preference, playstyle
* Basic assignation of roles, IE: driver/gunner, Mech, Sniper, Objective, etc (usly mostly applies to ‘first rush’)
* Basic outlines of map/gametype strat
* Discussion between games of what went right and what could be done differently next time for better success
* Simultaneous watching of a recent game from one party member’s perspective while in party chat

“Monday Tryhards” FAQ

* You do not have to join a clan or even be a member of HD Forums to come play at Monday Tryhards
* Monday Tryhards is invite only: Do not send out invites without getting an OK from Red Plague or AddiCt3d 2CHa0s
* Everyone is expected to give a good attempt at any strats suggested
* Everyone is welcome to give suggestion after any attempts are made and met with a lack of success
* Bitching about lag, etc is discouraged: Focus is meant to be maintained on communication
* Putting down your teammates is absolutely not acceptable
* You are expected to have your teammates’ backs, anyone not playing for the team may not be invited back in the future
* Some weeks are more structured than others
* We lock the room at 4-5 team or 8, depending on attendance and what we’ve chosen to work on for that week

Who can join in on “Monday Tryhards” nights?

Again, not trying to leave anyone out, but please let it be clear that I have trained very very hard to get to the level of efficiency that I am capable of, yet I have to try really, really hard to maintain a solid team player presence, and my goal is to have at least one night a week where I am surrounded by people who are either trying as hard as I am or are good enough that it makes up for it. If you do not fit the following characteristics, yet you are looking for people to game with, send me a pm and I will do my best to hook you up with awesome gamers who are meeting regularly.

Qualities of an essential Team Player:
1. Fairly laid back and easy to get along with personality-wise
2. Have at absolute least a positive K/D
3. Have either trained for or have a natural understanding of moving with a team
4. Can multi-task and do basic callouts while listening and responding to callouts
5. Have at least a basic understanding of prioritizing in games, both slayer and objective
6. Preferably 25 years old or older
7. Play to win

What time does “Monday Tryhards” start?

Monday Tryhards ‘Officially’ starts at 7:30pm P/10:30p E but we’ve been getting started most Mondays 1-2 hours earlier. If you’re interested in checking it out, the best way is to contact AddiCt3d 2CHa0s or Red Plague and if you don’t know us to get some games in during the week, so we can assess if you are a good fit for the room. Alternatively, you can post that you are interested in this thread, or send me a pm here in the forums.


Monday Tryhards with Halo Diehards Session [HD]


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