Game Informer’s Destiny News Condensed

I’ve been wanting to catch up on Destiny news, but haven’t had the time. Since deciding to incorporate other gaming news at Halo Diehards, computer woes and maxing out the hard drive on my 360 have had me buried under, and are causing video editing to take up to 10 times longer than it should. A new 360 hard drive is on the way, and I’m in the process of researching computers, but in the meantime there are so many hours of Destiny news out there, so many sources, where’s a newb to start?!

This comprehensive video by More Console was posted by Bludgeondary on FaceBook today, and features all the Destiny news that Game Informer has covered on the Official Game Informer Destiny page, all condensed in under 20 minutes, and it’s a GREAT place to start – thanks, Bludge, for the heads up!

Check out the links below the video if you haven’t watched Datto’s coverage on Destiny Classes.





Great video! Take me to Game Informer’s Official Destiny page!! >>

I’m ready to get to know Destiny character Classes >>

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