Community Cartographers Forge Contest

Community Cartographers Forge Contest

by bs angel1. June 2012 18:53


From Homeboyd903:

The Community Cartographers are proud to present the first Halo Waypoint Community Forge Contest! For those of you who need an introduction, the Community Cartographers are a chosen group of individuals who work directly with the 343 Industries Matchmaking Systems Team to bring the best community maps out of the shadows and into the Matchmaking spotlight. They have gathered together to sponsor a community challenge that will put your map-making abilities to the test.

Halo Waypoint Forgers are hereby challenged to bring the best custom maps they have to offer out for a chance at eternal fame and glory. Of course, we have more to offer for the select few of you who really step up and impress us.

This contest is focused around the Team Objective category of maps and only maps that fit the following descriptions will be considered valid entries:

Team Objective (Map Tag: CONTESTOBJ)
*must support standard 5 v 5 Team Objective settings now featured in Halo: Reach’s Matchmaking

Your map MUST be compatible with at least two of the following six objective-focused game types, although compatibility with all is preferable:

• Multi Flag
• 1 Flag
• 1 Bomb Assault
• Neutral Bomb Assault
• Territories
• KoTH

This contest is focusing on these core Team Objective game types, but you should consider setting your map up to be compatible with all game types currently featured in the Team Objective playlist. Ensuring your map is compatible with as many game types as possible creates a more suitable candidate for Matchmaking consideration and results in a more
well-rounded contender in this contest. For more information on playlist details, visit the Halo Reach playlist page.

Maps can be built on any of the many canvases Halo: Reach has to offer, including all DLC. Things to consider:

• Ensure your map does not contain any exploits (hidden weapon caches or hidden power-ups, accessible areas outside the designed playspace, unfair or unbalanced weapon or player spawn systems, etc).
• Attempt to limit over-crowding your map with Forge objects as significant screen lag will appear and result in poor gameplay performance. Keep in mind that Team Objective currently allows four local players which means overcrowding of Forge objects in these maps can lead to additional negative screen performance for these players.
• Ensure your map has been properly playtested by your peers (consider fresh eyes as a means of getting a wide range of feedback for your map).

Prizes for Winners

Grand Prize: Halo Bundle
• A signed copy of Halo 4 by team members of 343 upon release
• Reach GonD Code
• Halo 3 GonD Code
• Halo Wars GonD Code
• Top contender for Matchmaking integration
• Front page feature in Waypoint News section + Q&A with author

2nd Prize: Reach DLC Bundle
• Noble Map Pack Code
• Defiant Map Pack Code
• Anniversary Map Pack Code
• Top contender for Matchmaking integration

3rd Prize: Anniversary Bundle
• Anniversary Map Pack
• Anniversary Theme
• Anniversary Avatar T-shirt
• Top contender for Matchmaking integration

The top 10 finalists will be submitted for internal testing by the Community Cartographers and 343 Industries’ Matchmaking Systems Team for Halo: Reach’s Matchmaking consideration. Note: There are no guarantees any map entered into this contest will be featured in Halo: Reach’s Matchmaking playlists.

Winners will be notified via private message using the entrant’s Waypoint registered username and asked to provide a private email for prize distribution. Prize package DLC codes will be delivered to the email provided by the entrant.

How to Participate

Maps must be submitted using the following contest submission form. Please provide a response to each question:

[Submission Form]

Eligible entries must adhere to the following guidelines:

• Individual authors may only submit ONE* unique entry for the Team Objective category. *If multiple entries are submitted by one user, only the first entry will be considered eligible.
• Entry must be submitted by the creator of the map file and must be an original creation (no remakes or ripoffs from other’s creations, no remakes of existing maps from Halo or any other game).
• Map file name must consist of only the map’s intended name without any identifying pre-/suffixes (i.e. no “v1.0” “version 3” “final” etc.). Map file name must also be original and not share the same name with any other map currently featured in a Halo game. Map file name must also not use any inappropriate or offensive language or attempt to bypass any in-game filters for inappropriate or offensive language.
• Map files must be tagged with the following tag: CONTESTOBJ
• Map file must be featured in the creator’s in-game fileshare upon the deadline of the contest (June 30, 2012).
• A minimum of one screenshot showcasing the majority of the playspace of the map must be placed in the author’s in-game File Share and tagged: CONTESTOBJPIC.
• Entries must not contain any explicit or inappropriate messages or content in any way (clearly visible or hidden).
• Entrant’s forum account must be in good standing (i.e. not permanently banned or under an alternate account).

Any violation of the aforementioned rules for participation will result in immediate disqualification from the contest.


All entrants have from June 1, 2012 (time of announcement) until June 30, 2012, 12:00 PM PDT (noon) to submit their maps using the [Submission Form].


• No region-specific qualifications.
• Map properly submitted in submission form within contest start and end dates.
• Map properly tagged.
• Entrant is a registered member of Waypoint and account is in good standing.


Maps will be judged by a panel of Community Cartographers and individuals from 343 Industries Halo: Reach Matchmaking Systems Team based on the following criteria:

• Entry follows all previously mentioned entry rules.
• Entry features a unique and creative playspace.
• Entry showcases fair, balanced and fun gameplay.
• Entry does not suffer from noticeable or excessive negative screen performance issues with four players on the same screen.
• Entry demonstrates quality Forge techniques that are both appealing and useful in showcasing what the map has to offer.

Winners will be announced upon the completion of judging by our panel in the Halo Waypoint News section of the front page of Halo Waypoint’s website. Winners are final and non-negotiable. The judging panel reserves the right to accept or reject any entry without disclosing the reasons for doing so. The judging panel also reserves the right to promote, feature or include the entrant’s content in Matchmaking without the entrant’s extended permission beyond original consent by entering the contest.

Community Cartographers Forge Contest – Q&A

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