VHU – Flood Infected African Plains


The Flood, poster by cjfurtado


Postmortem of HBO and Visualizing the Halo Universe has a new challenge for artists and fans of the Halo universe: create a flood form from when the Flood landed on Earth in Halo 3.

In details posted about the challenge, Postmortem reminds us, “…the only creatures that can avoid conversion into a Flood combat form are those with insufficient biomass to sustain the massive alterations”

This means everything in size from a kangaroo mouse to an elephant is up for grabs. Ever pictured what a Flood infected hedgehog would look like? Me neither, but I’ll be watching to see what people come up with. I wonder if the honey badger is immune to Flood like it is to a poisonous snakebite?

Check out http://www.africanfauna.com/ for ideas on what you can infect, and don’t forget to visit Visualizing the Halo Universe or HBO to see what people come up with.


Forget waiting, I want to see what people are coming up with at this VHU site! >>

Take me to HBO (halo.bungie.org) so I can watch the Official thread! >>



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