Three New “Perks” Rumored for Halo 4 War Games

"_warthog" by xXDeViouS

“_warthog” by xXDeViouS

Word in the Twittersphere is that Halo 4 will see the addition of three new Armor Mods with the Champions Bundle. “Survivor” ejects you out of a vehicle if it’s about to explode, “Recharge” makes your shields recharge quicker, and “Resistor” will prevent both twitch and interruption to your mobility when being struck by weapons fire.

It is unclear whether the new Armor Mods will fall into Tactical Packages or Support Upgrades, but it is believed that “Recharge” will be able to be used alongside Shielding, which is a Tactical Package, so of the three at least Recharge is probably an Armor Ability.

We’ll get verification posted up as it rolls in.

Sources: @GoBeyondEnt, @HaloFanForLife, @TheHaloCouncil

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