No Split Screen for Halo 5 Means More Money for Microsoft



So if you haven’t heard, Halo 5 is not going to have the ability to play split screen in any game modes. In a post at Halo Waypoint, Josh Holmes explains that this is because of the larger scale of play environments that Halo 5 will be providing. He goes on to describe how building split-screen functionality  would take the development teams’ focus from other parts of the game.


Halo games have supported split-screen functionality since Halo: Combat Evolved. It sort of makes sense that with advancements in video gaming technology that producing a game with split-screen might present far more of a challenge than it has in years past. But with a distrust this gamer has learned to have towards 343, and Microsofts’ increasingly brash decisions that favor money-making over their  consumers well being (take the Xbox One for example, that originally was only available with the Kinect until consumers freaked out) one can’t help but wonder: Is this simply a money-making scheme?


Granted with split-screen co-op sales might increase when your friends play over at your house and get hooked on the game, rushing off to buy a copy for themselves, but nowadays the Halo franchise is so well known, most fps gamers are probably already planning on playing it. Only now, families and friends will each be forced to buy their own copy first, as well as each individual being forced to play Halo 5 on a separate Xbox One, if they want to play with one another. This not only increases the number of Halo 5 copies sold, but puts pressure on consumers to purchase more Xbox Ones as well.


Sound off on what you think in the comments. Are your bells ringing at this news as well? Or am I just being suspicious and ignorant?


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