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Would you like to sport the Halo Diehards tag on your Emblem in Halo 5? Travel to new gametypes, meet new people, and kill them? (It’s ok, they respawn!) Or even just help us get up and running so we can recruit? Halo Diehards has a Spartan Company at Halo Waypoint and we’re just getting started. We could use your help!


Here is our bio as seen at this time in the Halo Diehards Spartan Company page at Halo Waypoint:

Hello, my name is CHa0s. AddiCt3d 2CHa0s. I am the owner and admin of We haven’t been very active on our site lately, but Halo Diehards and friends are a diverse group of adults, spanning the ranges of skill, gametype preference and forging.


Yukon is back hosting customs as the leader of Halo DIehards’ MMHC (MatchMaking Haters Club)! We used to have some of the best custom parties in Halo:REACH with maps and gametypes of his design. Halo Diehards members join friends from 2old2play in customs and BTB often. Many of our Destiny DIehards members are migrating to Halo with a preference for War Zone. Forger friends are eagerly awaiting when they can create the designs they’ve had in mind since Halo 5’s Forge announcement.


Currently, I personally am playing Arena in Halo 5, and preferably only Arena. This morning, I log in on a Saturday to find that I don’t have one person on my friends list playing Halo 5, much less Arena. This is unacceptable! Especially considering that the night Halo:REACH came out, 98 friends on my Xbox 360 with 100 friend cap were online checking out the new Halo game. This must be remedied!


Me: Casual-competitive player leaning towards the competitive. Likes Arena. Wants to game regularly with a team that develops loose strats. Uses comms to relay enemy positions and my intent to my team. Hates to lose when everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

You: Not a hothead. Can hold your own. Uses comms or is good enough to make up for it. Watches your teammate’s backs.

Anyone can join the Halo Diehards’ Community and Spartan Company. We’re all adults, so no squeaky mcsqueakersons (not that there’s anything wrong with squeakers, kids, just sometimes big people need to be with big people).

So that’s the sitch in a nutshell. Any friends of old stopping by, “HI!! Halo is baaaAAAaaaack!” ”


My Spartan is ready! Take me to Halo Diehards Spartan Company naow!! >>

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