“Jackal Hoodlums” by CHa0s

Did I ever tell you how much I hate the Halo 4 Jackal? I didn’t?! Well, I hate it. Here I give a nod to the Kig-Yar of old and share a vision of Jackals as they should be – – well, as they could be, straight from my imagination. Kig-yar with attitude, rocking punk do’s and jewelery, and they’ve even shocked the neighbors by shaving their arms in the newest rebellious fashion.

Click to view full-size

Click to view full-size

Here are some headshots to check them out in better detail. This one is sporting an Unggoy methane mask as a headband.

Jackal with Unggoy methane mask

Jackal with Unggoy methane mask. Click to view full size.

The detail on this Skirmisher’s headfeathers is difficult to see in the desktop-size version. Here you can check it out bigger:


Skirmisher’s headfeathers bound in a rasta pony-tail. Click to view full size.

Dude’s got style – I want to rock a needler choker!!

Jackal Wearing Needler-Needle Choker

Jackal wearing a Needler-needle choker. Click to view full size.

Their eyes were one of my biggest challenges. I’m really happy with how they turned out. This guy is quite happy with his neon-tipped spiky mohawk.

Kig-yar with sniper mask sporting spiked mohawk

Kig-yar with sniper mask sporting spiked mohawk. Click to view full size.

And who knew Jackal toes could be so cute?!


The finishing touch was adding in an infected Pheru I’d drawn a few months back. Awwwww…. isn’t he adorable? I bet you just want to smooch him!

Infected Pheru

Infected Pheru

Thanks for checking out my Jackal Hoodlums. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do. And never forget: “Jackal” is not a lizard.

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