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For Halo enthusiasts addicted to racking up experience points and achievements in the game, there are several communities that offer “add-ons”. Halo Community is one such website that offers these extra challenges, in their staff-created Halo Community Missions.

Halo Community Missions are creative and oft amusing challenges of various difficulties, with each Mission also having tiers of difficulty. You are given a Mission Briefing, and description of each tier, and once they are completed you simply return to the Mission page and Submit your Conquest by providing a link to the game via Waypoint.

Following is an example of one of the Missions for Halo:REACH, the “Pole Dancer” Challenge:


Halo Community - Pole Dancer Mission Banner

Mission Briefing

Overview: A flashy and cocky pair of soldiers, Spartan 456 (Chip) and Spartan 654 (Dale), have made the grandiose claim that they are the most highly accomplished CTF Spartans in the quadrant. Your mission—should you choose to accept it— is to take them down a notch or three by meeting the following criteria in your next round of Capture the Flag. We expect that they will be asking around once they’ve heard rumor of your accomplishment. In order to prove that it was not just luck that carried you to victory, we ask that you truly assert your dominance by completing the match in 8 minutes or less for Tier 3.

Tier 1: In a multi-flag matchmaking game personally make all three flag captures.

Tier 2: Personally make all three captures and do not allow the other team to cap your flag.

Tier 3: Personally make all three captures and do not allow the other team to cap your flag, all in under 8 min.


Pole Dancer Tier 1 Pole Dancer Tier 2 Pole Dancer Tier 3


 We’ll hear more about Halo Community in the next Spotlight. Today, meet HC PillarOfFire, current lead of Mission development over at Halo Community. PillarOfFire was brought in by HC kegonomics pre-site launch, to help moderate the forums. Keg speaks highly of Pillar, describing him as one of those rare members who go above and beyond what is asked in order to help the site. “He helps maintain our forums on a daily basis, as well as coming up with Missions for our users to attempt in various games, and always volunteers his help for anything. I am proud to have him a part of this community, and even more so, a part of staff.”

Please join me in getting to know HC PillarOfFire in this Halo Diehards’ Spotlight.


10 Questions with HC PillarOfFire


1. Approximately how many hours of Halo do you play a week?
Well on an average week where I am not studying or playing several other games, I would have to say that I average around 20 hours.  I used to average much more, but since I became an Inheritor I really only go on Reach for site events, Swat, or Grifball.  When Halo 4 comes around I will be back to 40+ hours a week.


2. Where did you get the idea for Halo Community Missions?
Actually, it was some of the other staff from our site that created the Missions, but I took the lead on the project and made it my own.  Back when Halo Charts was running, there was a part of it called Halo Challenges, which was led by HC Redemption. I believe we got some ideas from this and made something that we could call our own.  If you are interested, he has his own site at Halochallenges.com for any diehard, Halo Challenge people out there.


3. How do you go about coming up with your ideas for missions?
Well at first it was really hard to come up with unique ways to challenge people that was different from Halochallenges and gave Redemption the respect he deserves by not stealing his thunder.  We had already set up something special when we made the Missions tier’d.  Tier 1 bronze, tier 2 silver, and tier 3 gold.  So I used this as a skeleton to flesh out different goals within a mission that awarded based on level of difficulty, and on top of this add an overall level of difficulty to each Mission as a whole.

Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic are the levels and they are easily understood since they basically work like the campaigns of Halo.  Each level is worth a set amount of points, and within each tier the same applies. We have a detailed analysis of the missions here, if you would like.

As for the ideas themselves, well that is a secret but I do have a thread on the site that the people of the community can post ideas that I do draw from, and if I do happen to use a person’s idea they get my staff award on halocommunity.com.  Oh, if I didn’t mention, each Mission has an award of completion, and members get put on a Leaderboard to compete for top spot.


4. What’s the most memorable thing that has happened while you were playing Halo on LIVE?
I believe the most memorable experience I ever had playing Halo on Xbox LIVE would have to be when I finally got my internet settings to work on my network for Halo 2 :)  I think that is enough said.


5. Have you created other Halo content?
I used to forge in Halo 3 but that was on other accounts that I don’t have access to anymore. Other than that I am just a forum guy.  Sorry.  Though, since I recently acquired a HD PVR from a contest on our site, I may start making Halo videos, especially when Halo 4 comes out.


6. If you knew Earth were going to get glassed one year from today, what would you do with that year?
Doing what I always do, continue my education and play video games.


7. What are your thoughts on – – Halo 4 Jackals?
Don’t know. I want them to be a surprise so I try to stay in the dark about everything. :)


8. List some people who inspire you and why.
Well anyone who stands up for what they believe in, whether that be religion, politics, or video games.  I just have respect for people who know who they are.  I don’ t like pointing out specific people, I feel we are all equal and no one is above another.  But I will say that the most important people to me are my parents, pastor, and professors.


9. How long have you been creating the Missions and how many have you created?
Well the Missions have been around since May of 2012, and we now have 17 Missions released.  I am going to be releasing two Missions this week if all goes good.  Normally Missions are released every Monday with some occasions.


10. Are you in a Halo clan? Why/why not?
I use to go the clan route but ever since I found gaming communities like Halo Charts and now Halo Community I feel that is where my allegiances belong.  So my clan if you want to say that is Halo Community.




Want to know more about Halo Community Missions? Check out their FAQ.

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