Halo 4 terminals will “blow your mind” – 343

Posted at vg247 by Nick Akerman on September 26, 2012:


Frank O’Connor has teased Halo 4′s plot and backstory details. In a recent interview with our very own Dave Cook, the development executive delved into the game’s use of terminals.


For those who don’t know, terminals are computer consoles you find during the campaign. These reveal snippets of plot information and franchise history. Plenty of hidden secrets can be decoded through terminals, including future plot points and other juicy nuggets.

O’Connor explained:

“There’s a bunch of ways that we tell the story, and it’s very complete if you haven’t read any of the books or played any of the previous games. Everything you need to know about the characters, backstory and Forerunner civilization is built into the game.”

“Something happens after the mission you played that keeps with our story-telling. I won’t ruin it for you but we also have terminals that go into the very surprising history of the Forerunner relationship with humans, and there’s some stuff that happens in the terminals that will – certainly for the hardcore fans – blow their minds.”

“We tried to make the story more approachable and less baroque and obscure, so it’s all going to be right in your face, and hopefully people will enjoy that. But yeah, it’s all part of the story.”

Intrigued? You better be.

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