Halo 4 Dominion Playlist to Retire, DLC Necessary

Welter by xXDeViouS

Welter by xXDeViouS

As part of Halo Waypoint’s Bulletin this week, it was announced that amongst other changes some playlists will be consolidated and others will be removed completely, to be added to a rotational playlist.

Next Monday sees the merging of Big Team Skirmish and Big Team Infinity Slayer into a new playlist with a familiar name: Big Team Battle. Also starting that day, Infinity Slayer (possibly soon to sport the familiar title, “Team Slayer”) will only be available to gamers who have downloaded the Majestic Map Pack.

Halo 4 will see some further changes the following Monday. See the list below for what playlists will be available after September 30th:

8v8 – Big Team Battle
5v5 – Capture the Flag
4v4 – Infinity Slayer
4v4 – SWAT
4v4 – Action Sack
4v4 – Team Snipers
4v4 – Ricochet
2v2 – Team Doubles
8-player FFA – Rumble Pit
10-player FFA – Flood
Community Playlist: 4v4 – Team Throwdown
Community Playlist: 4v4 – Grifball


Bs Angel was careful to remind gamers that the playlist changes are not necessarily permanent, and that they are weighing population stats in an attempt to assist War Games in creating balanced matches for teams and individuals.


The Bulletin included a tentative “Rotational Playlist Schedule”:

9/30 – King of the Hill
10/14 – Oddball
10/28 – Forge Playlist (specifics coming soon)
11/11 – Multi-Team
11/25 – Dominion
12/9 – Race
12/23 – Rocket Race


Also, included was information on known issues in Halo 4, especially pertaining to The Champions Bundle, that many will be relieved to hear are expected to be resolved by late September:

  • Prefect, Mark V and Ricochet forearms display as ODST in first-person POV in Custom Games and Matchmaking.
  • Some Forge items in the “Scenery” and “Gadget” palettes of the Majestic and Castle Map Packs will have incorrect labels.
  • Non-host players in Forge mode will be unable to see other Monitors, though Gamertags will still hover. The host of the game is able to see all Monitors, and there is no additional gameplay impact – all other Forge features are fully accessible.
  • Loadouts are reset and Spartan Points are refunded when a new Loadout slot is unlocked. This occurs at SR-6, SR-14, SR-26 and SR-41 (and at other times as well). When you reach these levels, you will need to re-purchase all items and redo your Loadouts. No Spartan Points will be lost.

Learn of more reported issues in the Official “Halo Status” forum thread at Halo Waypoint >>


In addition to the changes in matchmaking, Spartan Ops fans will be excited to learn that episodes will be presented this time around with three skulls enabled. ‘Grunt Birthday Party’, ‘I Would Have Been Your Daddy’ and ‘Mythic’ will mix up the experience, adding entertainment and challenge value.


Source: The Halo Bulletin 9.11.2013


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