Download Your Xbox One vids at Xbox DVR

Download and share your Xbox One clips

Did you know you can download and embed your Xbox One video clips from If you are like many, who don’t own a capture card, now is your chance to make that montage you’ve always dreamed of, thanks to creator NightSurgeX2. The quality of the clips is even better than what I’d get capturing the video clips right off my Xbox One!

On each clip’s page, there’s the option to embed, download, or share your clip on a number of social sites. If you do choose to embed, pay special attention to the option to host a small, medium, or large version of your clip, and keep in mind the video is only available on Xbox servers for a limited time, so your vid will disappear from it’s embed after a couple weeks. You can upload to YouTube for a more permanent solutions.

Whaddya waitin’ for?! Let’s see those clips!!

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