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    Kk, looks like I’m going to try and run a weekly btb party for awhile. If you’re one of my battle buddies from days of old, message me here, on Xbox, or Discord (AddiCt3d 2CHa0s#0555) and let me know your favorite day and time and we can try to get some fun parties started! Discord messages will reach me soonest, I’m on there every day.

  • Hey, guys! Site is kinda rusty, huh?!! I plan on updating it in the coming weeks. Super excited and looking forward to many happy reunions and fun times in the Halo Infinite battlefield! In the meantime, if you’re out there and wanting to get in some games and run into long-lost battle-buddies, come find me on Discord! It’s where I’ve made my home…[Read more]

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    Wow, has it really been two years since I’ve written an article for Halo Diehards? Blame it on 343 for letting so much time go by without releasing any new content (no, MCC isn’t new content, lol). But something […]

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    You can now start and join an Xbox Live party chat through your phone or tablet using the Xbox Google Android app. Crazy? Crazy awesome!

    Xbox Live party chat, a staple for Xbox gaming communities, has been […]

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    343 is working on being more transparent with their communication on what’s going on with their game titles regarding changes. They also have separate teams dedicated to continued work on Halo MCC, which they […]

    • CHa0s replied 6 years ago

      Fantastic, I did not know about that program, thanks!

    • You’re welcome. Always love your content and Diehards seems like a great community.

    • MCC is a blast, now. Glad the powers that be took the time to fix it up.

      • What’s different? I see people playing here and there, only a few, but curious what the appeal is.

        • MCC, as a whole, works now. 4k/HDR upgrade, networking issues ironed out, MM games are played on dedicated servers, faster matchmaking times (ymmv depending on playlist), etc. There’s a lot more but it’s finally the game it should have been at launch and they’re continuing to work on it. It’s a relief to finally be able to play the classic Halo suite without constantly “resetting the build” and party chat exploding every other match.

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    Halo 5 is getting some new updates, including upgrading to 4K resolution in preparation for the release of the Xbox One X, and the long awaited LAN functionality, which will be run through a local server […]

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    I just posted this in the forums, and spent a bit of time writing it up so wanted to share it on my own site. I’d like to preface this with the fact that Destiny 2 in general is quite a thing to behold. […]

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    Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting Halo news and such like I used to, but there are so many sources out there for information, that there’s kinda no reason for me to do it anymore! One person who’s picked up […]

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    Vortex was one of my all-time favorite maps, due to the fun Big Team Battle lobbies we filled to go take on the world. Much fun was to be had playing Dominion and Heavies, but one of my favorite things to do on […]

  • w0rm said

    That was the best part of Reach!  Headlong Snipers was good enough to merit its own playlist. 

    Totally agree about playing the same map back to back or a high percentage in a single sitting. Not enough variety.   


    Have you played on the Ridgeline remake yet? :D

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    Hey guys, so as many of you know, I’ve been compiling clips from friends to make a Halo 5 FUNtage, a montage showcasing what fun can be had in a game, the purpose of which is to elicit a feeling of amusement, and […]

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    @raptor2k Dude, your banner is awesome!!

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    HaPPY-SplunksCo is a dynamic duo that kicks ass and takes names in the Halo 5 Warzone playlists. Their montages are filled with surprising multi-kills and amusing badassery, to soundtracks that set the […]

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    Hey guys, I’ve created another remake map in Halo 5 Forge, one of my favorites back from Halo:Reach Anniversary: Ridgeline. It’s been finished for awhile now, and I’m finally posting it up. Check it out and if you […]

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    It felt so wrong. All he was doing was sitting on a cliff, admiring the view, singing a little song to himself, when all of a sudden some asshole came along and…

    HD Clip Chips – It Felt So Wrong

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    Right on, will do! Hopefully I can start to compile a list of which Halo Diehards Company members prefer running 4’s, so we can all find each other! I’ve got a list up at Halo Waypoint in our Company forums. Will try to copy/paste it over here too, when I get the chance.

  • Hi, Siren, welcome to Halo Diehards! Ok, I was wondering if that was you. I’ll accept your application when I get back over on Waypoint :)

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