Halo 4 Specialization Guide | Cheat Sheet

Posted at gameranx.com by Ian Miles Cheong on August 27th, 2012:


Halo 4 Specialization Guide | Cheat Sheet

Specializations in Halo 4 promise to contribute an added level of depth to the game’s multiplayer offerings.

by Ian Miles Cheong on 27th Aug, 2012

halo 4 specialization guide

Specializations will play a big role in Halo 4. This new addition to the series behaves much like classes do in other first-person shooters and allows you to (as the name suggests) “specialize” in a certain character class if it suits your style of play.

These Specializations provide ten extra levels for you to attain, and are unlocked once you max out at level 50. They allow you to be in more control of your Spartan and accentuate your personal playstyle.

Each Specialization has ten levels, and once you select a Specialization, you’ll have to level it up before you can try out something else. Once you’ve completed a Specialization, it’ll be available to you—unlocks and all—for use whenever you want.

Completing each Specialization will provide you with the following unlocks:

  • Armor Set
  • Armor Set Skin
  • Weapon Skin
  • 4 Foreground Emblems
  • 1 Background Emblem
  • 1 Visor Color
  • Armor Mod


The Armor Mod is attained at level 10 of the Specialization and is the defining unlock for each Specialization.


Halo 4 Wetwork Specialization Guide

halo 4 wetwork specialization

The Wetwork Specialization is essentially the Halo universe’s equivalent of a stealth operative. Wetwork prizes stealth and ranged kills over close combat encounters.


  • Wetwork gold visor
  • Wetwork blue/orange visor
  • Wetwork armor set
  • DMR Weapon Skin
  • Stealth Armor Mod
  • Wetwork armor set variant


Halo 4 Pioneer Specialization Guide

halo 4 pioneer specialization

This Specialization allows you to gain an edge over your opponents by gaining more experiential data from each encounter, effectively earning ranks faster than anyone else.


  • Pioneer gold visor
  • Pioneer silver/blue visor
  • Pioneer armor set
  • Plasma Pistol Weapon Skin
  • Fast Track Armor Mod
  • Pioneer armor set variant


Halo 4 Engineer Specialization Guide

halo 4 engineer specialization

The Engineer allows you to predict when and where ordinance drops are made, essentially providing you with an ordinance radar. Beat your enemies to the punch and scope out all the ordinances before they do.


  • Engineer gold visor
  • Engineer pink/purple/blue visor
  • Engineer armor set
  • Engineer armor set variant
  • Suppressor Weapon Skin
  • Drop Recon Armor Mod


Halo 4 Tracker Specialization Guide

halo 4 tracker specialization

The Tracker’s armor mod allows you to get the most out of ordinances, by recalling your current ordinance to request a new one.


  • Tracker gold visor
  • Tracker purple visor
  • Tracker armor set
  • Tracker armor set variant
  • Boltshot Weapon Skin
  • Requisition Armor Mod


Halo 4 Rogue Specialization Guide

halo 4 rogue specialization

The so-called Rogue increases your stability while aiming, and prevents you from losing your aim while being shot at in zoom mode.


  • Rogue gold visor
  • Rogue red/orange/silver visor
  • Rogue armor set
  • Rogue armor set variant
  • Carbine Weapon Skin
  • Stability Armor Mod


Halo 4 Stalker Specialization Guide

halo 4 stalker specialization

The Nemesis armor mod provided to the Stalker allows you to effectively track the last person who killed you throughout the entire map. They’ll regret messing with you.


  • Stalker gold visor
  • Stalker yellow/green visor
  • Stalker armor set
  • Stalker armor set variant
  • Battle Rifle Weapon Skin
  • Nemesis Armor Mod


Halo 4 Pathfinder Specialization Guide

halo 4 pathfinder specialization

The Pathfinder is geared towards getting the most out of mounted weapons. With the Gunner Armor mod, all mounted weapons will cool down faster when overheated. Your movement speed is also increased while carrying a detached turret weapon.


  • Pathfinder gold visor
  • Pathfinder orange/green visor
  • Pathfinder armor set
  • Pathfinder armor set variant
  • Assault Rifle Weapon Skin
  • Gunner Armor Mod


Halo 4 Operator Specialization Guide

halo 4 operator specialization

Last, but not least, the Operator is the specialization to go for if you’re a dedicated driver or vehicle pilot. The Wheelman Armor mod gives your vehicle additional resistance to damage and provides your enemies with a decreased amount of time in which they may hijack your vehicle.


  • Operator gold visor
  • Operator orange/purple visor
  • Operator armor set
  • Operator armor set variant
  • Magnum Weapon Skin
  • Wheelman Armor Mod

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