• CHa0s started the topic Welcome New Halo Diehards Spartan Company Members in the forum Introduce yourself 4 years, 1 month ago

    Hello, and welcome to Halo Diehards. Here is a place to connect with fellow gamers who are looking for the same online experiences as you. Feel free to copy the template below and use it in your introduction:


    Your gamertag:

    Describe your gamerskill:

    What are your favorite game modes? (ie: Arena, BTB, Warzone, customs, etc):

    What do you hope to gain by being a member of Halo Diehards?:

    • Hello, I would like to join. My rank is 46 atm and I like all settings but breakout. My favorite is Warzone and SWAT, but I am still up for learning and honing my skills. I would like to play more as a cooperative team.

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