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Hunting the Truth of Halo 5: Guardians

“Hunt the Truth” is a podcast series and Halo 5 teaser produced by 343 that follows the journey of a news reporter hired by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) to write an in-depth profile of John 117, Master Chief.

News reporter, Benjamin Giraud, starts out the series explaining how he’s been hired by (ONI) to write the article, and how during his research he comes across questions that make it clear something huge is hiding in a series of unexplained events, and that the details just might reveal that Master Chief is a traitor.

The Podcast opens with an introduction to the series, and gives a little background to the story. Check it out below, followed by the first four Episodes in the series, with my synopsis of each. You can visit the Official site and catch more of the podcast at the links located on the bottom of this post.


Episode 00: Primer


Welcome “Semi Professionals” GTA Videos to Halo Diehards

We’ve added a new Grand Theft Auto page at Halo Diehards for FuzzyOrngeDave and clan Semi Professionals. I met FuzzyOrngeDave through my buddy Mace Windex, and recently watched a couple of his videos, which I found very entertaining, seeing as the camaraderie these guys display as they’re goofing off reminds me of the best lobbies and most fun I’ve had in video games.

You can check out these characters, and new videos posted by FuzzyOrngeDave, on their very own Halo Diehards’ page, Semi Professionals GTA.

Check out their GTA V playlist below, and don’t forget to “Like” any of the vids you enjoy, it’s the only way most YouTuber’s get a thanks for their hard work and sharing their content!!



Semi Professionals “regulars” are Steve (FuzzyOrngeDave); Eli (the Book of Eli); John (Oerthshard); Kyle (warrior4thor); Neil (Neilophyte – – and FuzzyOrngeDave’s brother); Bryan (SynjaminFranklin); and Dave (ViscousBurrito6)

No Split Screen for Halo 5 Means More Money for Microsoft

  So if you haven’t heard, Halo 5 is not going to have the ability to play split screen in any game modes. In a post at Halo Waypoint, Josh Holmes explains that this is because of the larger scale of play environments that Halo 5 will be providing. He goes on to describe how building split-screen functionality  would take…

Download Your Xbox One vids at Xbox DVR

Download and share your Xbox One clips Did you know you can download and embed your Xbox One video clips from If you are like many, who don’t own a capture card, now is your chance to make that montage you’ve always dreamed of, thanks to creator NightSurgeX2. The quality of the clips is even better than what I’d…


Xbox One Devs Offer Feature Suggestions, Voting


You know all those easy-to-use features the Xbox 360 used to have that got cut out when they developed the Xbox One? Xbox Feedback is the place we can go to let dev teams know we want them back!


An official feedback system for the Xbox One, Xbox Feedback is where consumers can submit ideas for products and services, and others can vote on the ideas that they find useful or interesting.


Check out the site, and see how many gamers are thinking just like you, and coming up with stuff you didn’t even know you needed. Don’t forget to vote; we just might see that feature added in the next update.


Take me to vote on getting back Xbox 360 features like voice messages! >>


Take me to the Xbox Feedback home page! >>

“The Dark Below” Destiny Expansion Preview

One thing this fps gamer never thought would happen, is getting fired up for DLC for an rpg game – – even if that game was created by Bungie. But just look at the new content being released in “The Dark Below” in this ‘mini vidoc’! Omgwtfbbq…. I can not wait…

Official Destiny Expansion 1: The Dark Below Preview


“The Dark Below” Expansion Pack releases December 9th, 2014. Playing Destiny? Come say hi in Halo Diehards’ Destiny Forums! >>

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