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Want your own Halo armor? Start here!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to build myself a set of Halo armor. I was going to go for a Spartan build, but it’s been two weeks and I can’t get registered over at 405th to get help, and since I’ve never done this before I figured I’d better follow a how-to. Andrew Cook, AKA DaFrontlineTrooper, has just…

Left For Halo 4 Dead? [New Mod]

Infungi by b0b is here

Infungi by b0b is here

When rumors were abound prior to the release of Halo 4, one of the fantastic ideas I’d come up with was a versus mode, where players would be allowed to choose which type of Flood they would be. Imagine my disappointment at learning that not only had Flood gameplay not been given much to set it apart from what people were doing in customs already, all the Flood looked EXACTLY alike, AND they didn’t even look like Flood!! Add to that the annoying rabid-donkey-bred-with-a-gunieau-pig sound the Halo 4 Flood make, and I was going to be even less likely to play Flood than I had been previously.

But what’s this?! Someone has had a similar fantastic idea, and a Halo 4 custom gametype mod has been created that not only allows players to choose different types of Flood similar to Left 4 Dead versus, like a Battlefield 4 medic you can even “heal” your teammates when they’re infected by a slow-infecting Flood!

The gametype also includes other features such as being able to scale objects and make objects disappear when a Dominion base is taken.

Check out the details in this video by 0iah.

Download the Plague gametype here >>
Download the map in the video here >>

Get moar infos on who was involved in creating these in the video description >>

Registration for AGLA Ends Feb 10

Come play Grifball with the original American Grifball League of America! Be a part of Grifball history and come play in this season’s League. Don’t have a team? No problem! How it works is players register and fill out a form, letting Grifball Hub know infos such as your basic Grifball skill, what League experience you have, and what nights…

Journey of a Halo/Destiny Banner

One of the things I see a lot in Halo communities is people helping and giving to one another. Sometimes there’s “something in it”, like recognition or generation of new content, but you can really see it in some community leaders and creators that they are simply givers at heart. I myself am a giver, and I find great joy…

CCCustoms Goes Back to the Future

Halo 3 Gift Giver on  map by o Nondual o

Halo 3 Gift Giver on map by o Nondual o

Casually Competitive Customs is a Forge group that has members who’ve been Forging and Gaming together since Halo 3. Last Thursday we went back to where it all started. Watch through new eyes as I discover Forged maps and Spartan playscapes that are a riot, as CCCustoms goes back to the future in this Halo 3 game night.

This session was organized and hosted by o Nondual o.

Learn more about Casually Competitive Customs at >>

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