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Download and share your Xbox One clips

Did you know you can download and embed your Xbox One video clips from If you are like many, who don’t own a capture card, now is your chance to make that montage you’ve always dreamed of, thanks to creator NightSurgeX2. The quality of the clips is even better than what I’d get capturing the video clips right off my Xbox One!

On each clip’s page, there’s the option to embed, download, or share your clip on a number of social sites. If you do choose to embed, pay special attention to the option to host a small, medium, or large version of your clip.

Here are two examples of my video clips I would want to share, embedded and hosted from Xbox DVR:

Halo MCC, Halo 2: Assault on Terminal

Halo MCC, Halo 4: Slayer on Haven

Whaddya waitin’ for?! Let’s see those clips!!

Take me to naowww!! >>

Best of CHa0s Plays Halo 5 beta, Multiplayer

I was cleaning out my videos recently, when I found a few games that I’d captured while playing the Halo 5 beta. Here are three of the best. I had a lot of fun in these games, even though I was still figuring out the button combos/special moves, etc. You’ll also notice my voice is pretty quiet in the videos, since the Halo 5 beta audio was significantly louder than other games on the market.


CHa0s Plays Halo 5 Beta #1

Slayer on Orion


CHa0s Plays Halo 5 Beta #2

Slayer on Truth (Midship)


CHa0s Plays Halo 5 Beta #3

Slayer on Pegusus

Diehards Strat o Cast Ep 4 – The Halo MCC Debacle

Halo: The Master Chief Collection strategy for Halo 5Join Halo Diehards co-hosts, AddiCt3d 2CHa0s, EdieKaye and BigBadMike, with special guest Nondual from Casually Competitive Customs, as they discuss the Debacle formerly known as Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Are you a diehard Halo fan that enjoys customs, hosting, Forging and creating custom games? Listen in as we discuss the plethora of severe bugs and limitations that exist in Halo MCC, and how custom games are all but unplayable, including the lack of objective gametypes in Halo 3 Forge.




Check out Nondual Customs right here >>


As promised in the ‘cast, here’s that link to give your suggestions and vote on others for features on the Xbox One >>


Learn more and give your feedback at Halo Waypoint about the 50 total File Share slots limit for ALL custom content across ALL four games in Master Chief Collection here >>


Learn more and give your feedback at Halo Waypoint about the state of Halo 3 customs in Halo: The Master Chief Collection here >>



Do you have a suggestion for a subject you’d like to hear us cover in the Diehards Strat o Cast? Let us know in the comments, or come talk to us in the forums! PS: We’re on iTunes!


Music: “Ourobooros” and “Basement Floor” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



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