Awesome Destiny Machinima Tutorial


A new game brings fresh characters and backdrops for creatives to produce machinima, but Destiny doesn’t make it easy, it’s screen packed to the gills with information. Recently I got an idea for a humorous one, and I had some ideas but wanted to see what others were doing to pull it off. Ledianol paves the way into Destiny machinima with this video of how to maximize the best screen coverage without hud, weapons and gamertags. The video also shows some pretty resourceful tips and tricks on how to capture the best shots, including an easy way to edit out the gamertags. I wanted to make sure I spread the word, so check it out!

How to Film a Destiny Machinima (Tutorial)

by Lediandol



Do you have any fun ideas for Destiny or Halo machinima but don’t have the means to pull it off? Talk to CHa0s! Maybe we can make your story into a reality.

Diehards Strat o Cast Ep 3 – The RPG of FPS Personal Strategy


Halo: The Master Chief Collection strategy for Halo 5Join hosts AddiCt3d 2CHa0s, EdieKaye, KogesKoges and BigBadMike in this episode of the Strat o Cast as they delve into the mind of the fps gamer. In Episode 3 we discuss the ins and outs of motivations, drives, and gaming plateaus, offering insights and exploring the question: “Can every gamer get better at first-person shooters?”, with a side order of nuggets of wisdom that describe exactly how this can be done.




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Music: “Ourobooros” and “Basement Floor” Kevin MacLeod (
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Halo: Master Chief Collection for Dummies – Halo 4 Weapons

The following series of articles gives a recap and brings new players up to speed on the weapons, vehicles, abilities, spawn systems and strategy in multiplayer of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4. Due to the sheer volume of information, some subjects were chosen according to how much they vary from game to game, to better…

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