Halo 2: Anniversary Trailer Means One Thing

So, the new Halo 2: Anniversary Cinematic Trailer came out today, and I just watched it. A lot of things went through my mind and emotions as the trailer played.

First, I began to reminisce of my journeys through the campaigns, the awe I had at the Halo story and the artistry and the all-immersive experience of it. I remembered thinking, “Why do the cutscenes look soooo bad, when there are CGA movies out that are so badass?”.

As I watched Chief strangling the Prophet in the trailer (hey, you know that’s what you really wanted, too), I realized one thing: I really, REALLY want to own and play the Master Chief Collection!!

I miss the things that made me love the game and franchise, and I could imagine reliving them… better. But will they really be better? And is it worth a whopping $400-$500 (the purchase of the Xbone) to find out?

These are questions I must work out in my own time, especially as I realize that the same drive that makes me want MCC, that collection of games that I truly loved, only makes sense if that $400-$500 goes towards playing the continuation of the series which I most certainly have not.

All that aside, one thing and one thing alone is crystal clear after I watch the trailer. It is a thought I’ve had before, and it comes to mind fresh and screaming as a newborn babe….


Missed the trailer? Check it out now.


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Rosetta depiction. Image: ESA

It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Landing on a Comet

    In March of 2004 a robotic spacecraft named Rosetta was launched by the European Space Agency to catch up with and land on a comet. It’s set to meet part one of that goal in less than one month. Rosetta is no stranger to exploration. Equipped with a variety of scientific imaging equipment, Rosetta has followed a 12 year flight-plan,…

From the Eyes of xDrummerWorldx

xDrummerWorldx has a new batch of Halo 4 images out, and as always a few surprise the viewer that you can get that visual effect in-game. Check out some of the best below, followed by a link to his fileshare and Halo Diehards Spotlight.


(click to view full-size)









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Dragon’s Teeth Open for Battlefield 4

The newest Battlefield 4 Map Pack, Dragon’s Teeth, is available today for Premium members. Check out the trailer for the new map pack, which features four urban maps taking combat through cities’ landscapes, including high rises, parks and a floating restaurant. Is the game really as exciting as this trailer? Why, yes. Yes, it is.

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EdieKaye Does All the Work on Ragnarock

EdieKaye hopped into Halo 4 War Games before anyone was on, and wound up in a game where she runs circles around the competition – - literally – - whilst single-handedly bringing her team to victory. See how she does it in this high-speed video, set to her choice of tunes, and with a little extra CHa0s video-editing flair thrown in for good measure.




Mech Outro created by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s using Halo 4 video and l33t artistic skillz.

All video footage was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo 4, © Microsoft Corporation.

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