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What?! No Big Team Battle in Halo 5?!!

So first we learn that Halo 5, unlike previous installments, will not have split screen capability, and now we find out it’s not dropping with Big Team Battle either?! I don’t know about you, but my excitement for Halo 5 is tinged with a teeny bit of sadness. Out with the old, in with the new? Warzone, Halo 5’s new…

GTA 5 Online: Hasta la Vista

I’d only ever tried this game mode once before and I remembered it being a fun time. With this group though I was having one of the best nights of gaming I’d ever had so a little Hasta la Vista time seemed like a great way to end it. This is actually the third of four vids I made for my channel out of one night. This is also the first video CHa0s ever saw of mine so I take a little extra joy from it now.

In this video:

Kyle (warrior4thor)
Eli (The Book 0f Eli)
John (Oerthshard)

Halo 5: Guardians Wargames Gameplay – Flag Juggling Has Returned!!

Halo 5: Guardians drops October 27, 2015. Just over two months from now, we’ll get our gritty mjolnir mitts on it. In the meantime, the ‘net is full of videos and information, for those not concerned with spoilers. Check out several videos below, Wargames followed by a Campaign sneak peek, shared by Vincent Torre over at Casually Competitive Customs on FaceBook, a closed group primarily consisting of talented Halo Forgers. Thanks, Vince!


I’m really digging the parkour elements of Halo 5, and appreciate the return of ledges and other tricky playspaces that will allow us to creatively navigate the new maps, by hiding, sneaking past battles to reach an objective, and flanking the enemy. I’m especially excited that flag juggling has returned!


In the fourth video below, see our first view of the War Games map, Colosseum, featuring gameplay by pro teams Epsilon ESports vs Optic Gaming. This video showcases the efforts 343 has put into bringing Halo back into ESports, and the tools now available to increase the effectiveness of the viewer experience.


Don’t forget to check out some Halo 5 Campaign gameplay in the bottom video. Dat Hunter…



Halo 5: Guardians Arena Gameplay

Coliseum, Plaza, The Rig, and Eden


GTA 5 Online: Mass vs. Velocity

Smacking John around was so much fun I decided to join in, so I bought myself a Panto. Then we decided to test the concept of Mass versus Velocity and learned something very important; in the end, tanks always win.

In this episode:
Kyle (warrior4thor)
John (Oerthshard)
Eli (The Book 0F Eli)
Dave (ViscousBurrito6)

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