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Join Xbox Live Party Chat on Android

You can now start and join an Xbox Live party chat through your phone or tablet using the Xbox Google Android app. Crazy? Crazy awesome! Xbox Live party chat, a staple for Xbox gaming communities, has been available on the Windows 10 app for quite some time, and they’ve just took the Google Android version to the next level, adding…


Xbox One Devs Offer Feature Suggestions, Voting


You know all those easy-to-use features the Xbox 360 used to have that got cut out when they developed the Xbox One? Xbox Feedback is the place we can go to let dev teams know we want them back!


An official feedback system for the Xbox One, Xbox Feedback is where consumers can submit ideas for products and services, and others can vote on the ideas that they find useful or interesting.


Check out the site, and see how many gamers are thinking just like you, and coming up with stuff you didn’t even know you needed. Don’t forget to vote; we just might see that feature added in the next update.


Take me to vote on getting back Xbox 360 features like voice messages! >>


Take me to the Xbox Feedback home page! >>

Tips and Tricks for Your Xbox One

Energy Saving Power Mode Did you know that your Xbox One doesn’t actually completely shut off? As a default setting the Xbox One is set to the Instant-On mode. In this mode the console remains on but in a “sleep” state. In this state your console will complete automatic updates and remain listening for when you come beckoning with “Xbox, on.” The Instant-On mode…

Diehards Strat o Cast Ep 2 – Seeing Our Destiny


Halo: The Master Chief Collection strategy for Halo 5In episode 2 of Halo Diehards’ Strat o Cast, CHa0s, KogesKoges, BigBadMike and EdieKaye explore gamers’ destiny – – specifically the Destiny on the Xbox One. We launch into first impressions of Destiny, from story mode and Strikes to matchmaking in Crucible, discussing details including whether or not Destiny truly reflects it’s promise to deliver a social game. Switching over to the Xbox One, HD co-hosts share trials and tribulations in new ownership of the next-gen console, and share how it’s standing up to the Xbox 360. Catch it all here in “Seeing our Destiny”




Since recording this episode of Strat o Cast, we’ve learned that you don’t have to go all the way back to the Xbox One dashboard to invite friends to your Destiny Fire Team. You can go to their gamercard from your Roster, and invite them from there. It’s still more steps, takes more time, and is less intuitive than what we’re used to.


Music: “Ourobooros” and “Basement Floor” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Xbox One Presents Challenges for eSports


Halo: The Master Chief Collection to be used for competitive, eSports

Halo: The Master Chief Collection releases November 11th, 2014. In a few measly months, gamers will have the chance to see what Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3 was meant to look like by the artists who worked hard to create the visuals, since the original Xbox and Xbox 360 were not equipped to fully display the code that was written for them.

The Master Chief Collection will be released on the Xbox One only, and the buzz is getting louder in the diehard Halo community as people remember what it was like to compete in and watch tourneys of truly well-balanced, competitive shooters.

Leagues are being set up across the globe in anticipation, requiring vast amounts of man hours and resources to accomplish, in order to give the people what they have been craving for so many years: The active return of Halo to eSports.


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