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Halo 5 Team Strategy: Reviewing Gameplay, Strongholds

Reviewing gameplay videos is a great way to get better at any game. In this video watch BigBadMike, Wuzz Ranger, SILENT EVIL 74 and me play a game of Halo 5 Strongholds on Overgrown. Check out our team strategy, and learn what we can do to make it even better next time around.



Halo 5 Tips: How to Jump into Truth

Rowboat 000 comes through again, sharing Halo 5 tips and tricks with his friends. He taught me how to jump into the bases on the multiplayer map Truth, and I wanted to pass that onto you, so I made this little video to guide you through it.

Wuzz Ranger asked if I am using bumper jumper. Yes, I am, and this is definitely more difficult without it…

Creative Customs Halo 5 Forge Showcase

Creative Customs, formerly Casually Competitive Customs, is a Halo Forge group whose members have been creating quality maps and gametypes for years. Hosted by o Nondual o, customs game nights feature maps and gametypes created by group members, and other quality maps and gametypes found around the community.


Creative Customs Halo 5 Forge Showcase is a Youtube playlist I’ve created to share videos from game nights. Check out some of the fun stuff we’re playing Monday nights, and maybe find a new map or gametype to add to your collection. We’ll try to add new videos and clips to this playlist weekly.



Halo Diehards H5 Clip Chips

Recently I realized that it’s easier than ever to upload clips and share them from YouTube. Like I’ve covered before, Halo 5 video clips taken by the Xbox One DVR are automatically available for anyone to view or download from But what I didn’t know until recently is that you can also easily upload them to YouTube without downloading them, with the push of a button if you make a free account.

And so Halo Diehards Clip Chips was born (Quick Clips was already taken!) The following playlist, which is also available on our Halo Diehards Video page will update as clips are added. Any Halo Diehards members or gaming buddies who’d like to have their clips added to the playlist, or even feature your own active playlist at our site, contact me and we’ll work out the deets!

Halo Diehards H5 Clip Chips

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