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Best of the best of Halo machinima. We muck through the masses so you don’t have to…

Anime: Halo 4 (A Halo 4 Machinima)

Evan Royalty is a machinima maker of a unique sort. His Halo war machinimas play like War Games with a purpose – – even if you’re never sure what exactly that purpose is. The following is a pretty impressive machinima of the anime variety, and even from someone who isn’t really a fan of anime, this is pretty good stuff.

Infonaut: Red vs Blue vs Hollywood

Ran into this via Halo Waypoint, educational and entertaining story behind Red vs Blue. As posted by Machinima: Infonaut: Red vs Blue vs Hollywood (Part 1 of 3) This is the story of filmmakers who have subverted traditional “Hollywood” and have the rare ability to create, produce and distribute their own series via technological innovations in media (ie. Youtube, Hulu,…

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