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Aeronautical: Halo Reach Launch-‘Tage

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but these guys are super-bouncing in Halo:REACH campaign. The music is great, the launches bring me back to days of old, super-bouncing in Halo 2, you can’t beat that. IamTOOLBOX presents, Tricking Prodigy provides. Aeronautical – A Halo Reach Launching Montage – By Tricking Prodigy

Playtime Season 4 Underway

Follow likeable best-friend Spartans Warren and Cobra as they navigate humorously through one of life’s interesting predicaments: who gets the girl. Created by Nevin Douglas of CruelLEGACY Productions, Playtime takes the Spartans and environments we know from Halo:REACH and Halo 4 and let’s us dive in deeper with rich color and effects such as weather and night time. If you…

Halo Poster Pack by Halcylon Downloads

Like what you see? These are fan-made posters using images from the series, artfully pieced together with an eye for perfection. Check out Halcylon’s Halo poster page on Deviant art and download the posters separately, or as the image above. Don’t forget to leave a comment for him! Man, these are freakin’ awesome! Take me to the download naow! >>…

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