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Halo 4 Parkour by J2tehTon

J2tehTon put out some helpful YouTube videos demonstrating basic trick jumps for Halo 4 shortly after the game released. Recently he released two “Halo 4 Parkour” videos, one for Skyline and one for Adrift, that have some surprising Thruster Pack jumps. See how he does it in the following videos. Halo 4 PARKOUR with J2tehTon [Adrift] Halo 4 PARKOUR with…

Aeronautical: Halo Reach Launch-‘Tage

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but these guys are super-bouncing in Halo:REACH campaign. The music is great, the launches bring me back to days of old, super-bouncing in Halo 2, you can’t beat that. IamTOOLBOX presents, Tricking Prodigy provides. Aeronautical – A Halo Reach Launching Montage – By Tricking Prodigy

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