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Baddass Halo videos.

Time Lapse Needler Replica

Watch the creation from start to finish of an intensely detailed needler designed by master craftsman Volpin, complete with lights and glowing needles. Tis a thing of supreme beauty… See the Official article on Building the Halo Needler here >> Check out Volpin Props Portfolio here >> Source: Thanks to Revanent1988 for the find, HBO ( Forums

Aeronautical: Halo Reach Launch-‘Tage

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but these guys are super-bouncing in Halo:REACH campaign. The music is great, the launches bring me back to days of old, super-bouncing in Halo 2, you can’t beat that. IamTOOLBOX presents, Tricking Prodigy provides. Aeronautical – A Halo Reach Launching Montage – By Tricking Prodigy

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