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Miscellaneous, noteworthy Halo videos.

HD Short: Epic Banshee Suicide

Check out Halo Diehards’ new animated intro and watch Hornicle Mark VI kill himself hilariously in Halo 4 War Games in this HD Short. Catch any WTF, OMG, Whoa! or LOL incidents in Halo 4? Send AddiCt3d 2CHa0s a message on LIVE and we’ll try to get it in the next HD Short!

“Changes” | A Halo 4 Ricochet Montage

Forest Skycap has made an appearance at Halo Diehards with his sweet Grifball screenshot, featured as a “Screenshot of the Week”. Now he’s back with a Ricochet montage that also has visual flair, and he’s dedicated it to Louis Wu, 343 Industries and yours truly. Like some of my own videos, it’s one to savor rather than a wham-bam-thankyoumam. Great…

HD Shorts: WTF Midas? [Halo 4 Lagtastic]

Halo 4 has been damn laggy lately, but one of last night’s games took the cake. See Wheezin try to climb the wall, Ally can’t see any enemies and CHa0s chase the elusive ghost, then get the question answered: How many Spartans can you fit into a ghost? No, it’s not a trick question… Don’t miss the screenshots at the…

Dues Ex Machina | Prt 1/5 (Halo 4 Machinima)

Get caught up in xDigitalVirusx’s riviting, gritty drama, “Dues Ex Machina”, adapted from Jon CJ Graham’s vision of the same name. Written and directed by Stephen Hancock and co-directed by Robert Merrit, this Halo 4 machinima series shows promise. Source: Halo Waypoint

It’s not Halo, but damn it’s cool! Supervolcanoes on Mars

Scientists are heated over whether or not anomalies on Mars’ surface are impact craters or supervolcanoes. Landmarks like Eden Patera, seen above in a heatmap image, contain features structurally similar to supervolcanoes that have been studied intimately on Earth and lack those common in impact craters. Watch the following video by Nature, learn about Mars’ dramatic past and decide for…

Time Lapse Needler Replica

Watch the creation from start to finish of an intensely detailed needler designed by master craftsman Volpin, complete with lights and glowing needles. Tis a thing of supreme beauty… See the Official article on Building the Halo Needler here >> Check out Volpin Props Portfolio here >> Source: Thanks to Revanent1988 for the find, HBO ( Forums

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