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One of the coolest aspects of the Halo community is how it spans the entire world. Peoples of various nationalities, languages, cultures and ages come together to share a love for all things Halo. And the talent! So many wonderful, talented people. Today’s Halo Diehards Spotlight features screenshots by the talented eye of xDrummerWorldx, who lives in Switzerland.

xDrummerWorldx came to the attention of Halo Diehards when the search for Screenshot of the Week images resulted in the discovery that several of the neatest images out there sported him as their author. From visually stunning to whimsically amusing, Drummer’s eye does not fail. So we are pleased to present to you a gallery of his finest works. But first, the interview.


10 Questions with xDrummerWorldx

1. Approximately how many hours of Halo do you play a week?

For this question, I have to make clear that I have a rare disease that makes me so tired that I can’t work or play any sports, so I spend a lot of time at home.

Because of this I think I play about 25-40 hours a week!


2. How did you start doing screenshots?

I put my very first screenshot in my fileshare on 5.16.2011. His title is “Soccerball”. I was so surprised when I saw that it had obtained about 12,500 downloads! It’s was at that moment that I decided to make other screenshots, because I realized that people liked my work!



3. What do you do to make a great screenshot?

First of all I look for an original place (on the top of a rock, in the water, in the dark, etc). Then I choose the effects, the colors of the spartan and the weapons. It’s important to me that there’s something in the screenshot that makes it “magic” or “epic”. Something that you can’t understand. Something that when you see the screenshot, first you say “Wow!” and next “How?!”


4. What’s the most memorable thing that has happened while you were playing Halo on LIVE?

It was in matchmaking in SWAT on Asylum. I was with three friends and suddenly one of them said that there were three enemies on his “x”.

I go there and I kill the three enemies (Triple kill). Another one comes and I kill him (Overkill), and again, and again, and again, and… Killpocalypse!!! My heart was making a drum solo when I was looking for Killionaire but I found him too late. My friends were laughing and I died ’cause I didn’t see that my DMR was empty.

The video is on YouTube: http://youtu.be/hRx_5t3A1yg


5. Have you created other Halo content?

Yes I’ve created a video of my screenshots with render minutes (Bungie Pro) and put it on YouTube.

Available here:  xDrummerWorldx – Youtube


6. If you knew Earth were going to get glassed one year from today, what would you do with that year?

Play Halo to take screenshots!!! No… seriously… I think that I wouldn’t change anything ’cause I’m happy like that. For me, the date of the “End” is not important, I just hope that it’s not today so nobody will read this interview, THAT would be terrible!


7. What are your thoughts on – – Promethean Knights?

I like the design and his weapons. The helmet is just amazing with the flaming skull when it’s open! I think Forerunners could be good enemies.

I’m looking forward to Halo 4!


8. List some people who inspire you and why.

Roger Ferderer ’cause he always shows to the public his better aspect even if he loosed and he is tired. His style of play RogerFederer_crop_exactis not in the power but tactical.

It’s for me more than a tennis game! I use it like philosophy.


9. How long have you been creating your Halo content and how many have you created?

Approximately one year. I have create about 100 screenshots or more and

four videos (one about my screenshots and three small gameplays)


10. Are you in a Halo clan? Why/why not?

No, I don’t want time restrictions (training, competitive matches, etc). I like

playing with friends and being free with my colors and my emblem!


Thank you, xDrummerWorldx for sharing your vision and a little bit about yourself with us today. To you other Diehards out there, enjoy the gallery:

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