Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5 Trailers

E3 2014

Halo 5: Guardians Beta Trailer

(Thanks, 0iah, for making this video available!)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Trailers & Video

E3 Trailers

Halo 2 Anniversary E3 2014 Gameplay Trailer

(Thx for posting the link, EdieKaye!)

E3 2014

Halo 2: Anniversary Cairo Station Gameplay

(Via BeyondEntertainment)


Halo: Master Chief Collection (H2 Gameplay) & Main Menu

(Via BeyondEntertainment)

Halo 5 Updates: 4K, Classic Game Options, and LAN

  Halo 5 is getting some new updates, including upgrading to 4K resolution in preparation for the release of the Xbox One X, and the long awaited LAN functionality, which will be run through a local server via Windows 10. 343 is also bringing the Oddball gametype back, as well as “new...Read More »

Monolith Remake Featured on Youtube

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting Halo news and such like I used to, but there are so many sources out there for information, that there’s kinda no reason for me to do it anymore! One person who’s picked up the mantle is Brusky0086, who features quality Halo 5 Forge...Read More »

Vortex - HD Halo 5 Forge [Halo 4 Remake]

Vortex was one of my all-time favorite maps, due to the fun Big Team Battle lobbies we filled to go take on the world. Much fun was to be had playing Dominion and Heavies, but one of my favorite things to do on that map was teaming up on the...Read More »

"A Halo 5 Funtage" by CHa0s

Hey guys, so as many of you know, I’ve been compiling clips from friends to make a Halo 5 FUNtage, a montage showcasing what fun can be had in a game, the purpose of which is to elicit a feeling of amusement, and remind people what a blast it is...Read More »

Introducing HaPPY-SplunksCo

  HaPPY-SplunksCo is a dynamic duo that kicks ass and takes names in the Halo 5 Warzone playlists. Their montages are filled with surprising multi-kills and amusing badassery, to soundtracks that set the mood perfectly. These guy are having so much fun, it almost makes me want to break my strict...Read More »

Ridgeline [Remake] - HD Halo 5 Forge

Hey guys, I’ve created another remake map in Halo 5 Forge, one of my favorites back from Halo:Reach Anniversary: Ridgeline. It’s been finished for awhile now, and I’m finally posting it up. Check it out and if you likey there’s a link below the video to take you straight to...Read More »

Halo 5 Campaign Grunt Easter Egg

It felt so wrong. All he was doing was sitting on a cliff, admiring the view, singing a little song to himself, when all of a sudden some asshole came along and… HD Clip Chips – It Felt So Wrong ...Read More »

Join us For Creative Customs Nights!

  Hello fellow gamers of the Haloverse! I would like to invite casual-competitive adults that are easy to get along with to join us with Creative Customs in map testing fun and shenanigans on Monday nights! Customs start at 5pm P/8pm E and are played on quality Forge maps created by...Read More »

Monolith - HD Halo 5 Forge [Halo 4 Remake]

Monolith was one of my favorite Halo 4 Multiplayer maps, and one I couldn’t stop thinking about forging, so here it is! I did my best to make Monolith clean and true.     You can now bookmark Halo 5 maps directly to your Xbox One from Halo Waypoint!   Download Monolith From Halo Waypoint Here...Read More »

Empathy - HD Halo 5 Forge Map

You can now save Halo 5 custom Forge map bookmarks directly from Halo Waypoint to your Xbox One! Empathy Download link >>   Halo 4’s Solace was one of my all-time favorite maps. I love the way it looked, the way it played, and even modeled my spartan and signature to reflect it:   Empathy...Read More »

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